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  1. MikeKardec

    Question on International Calling Late '50s/early '60s?

    Hello all, I'm working on yet another novel, this time set in 1961. In it I have characters who need to place calls from one country to another but they are not calling from home or from a hotel. Call #1 is from Rome to Geneva and I suspect that this could be done from a payphone given you...
  2. MikeKardec

    German commando actions with political implications

    I'm researching any German commando actions I can find that had political or propaganda motivations. My first stop has been the career of Otto Skorzeny, his rescue of Mussolini and his wife, and his kidnapping of Admiral Horthy's son and later attack on Horthy's headquarters. Those are good...
  3. MikeKardec

    Notes of Radio/Audio Drama: Schedules

    Intro: From 1985 through 2015 I produced, directed and wrote a series of about sixty Audio Dramas for Random House Audio Publishing. These productions had run times stretching from one to three hours, casts of four or five up to over twenty actors, and sound effects created both live in studio...
  4. MikeKardec

    Notes on Radio/Audio Drama: Session Recording Equipment and Wiring

    Intro: From 1985 through 2015 I produced, directed and wrote a series of about sixty Audio Dramas for Random House Audio Publishing. These productions had run times stretching from one to three hours, casts of four or five up to over twenty actors, and sound effects created both live in studio...
  5. MikeKardec

    Notes on Radio/Audio Drama: Picking a Studio

    I started creating these Notes/Lessons/Experiences on an Audio Production forum. I'm not sure how they'll go over or how long I'll continue but I figured I'd place them here too because, who knows, someone might be interested. They are a bit technical but it does give you a sense of how you...
  6. MikeKardec

    Breif Review: For All Mankind

    For All Mankind (2 seasons and possibly another on the way) on Apple Plus is pretty good. It's a alternate history of the space race based on the concept that the Soviet Union got to the moon just prior to Apollo 11. Basically, a version of the space race where it was really an ongoing race...
  7. MikeKardec

    Looking to Relocate ... Ideas?

    I'm not in a rush, but I think my days in California are numbered. I have loved this place immensely. In my youth it was the most amazing, cosmopolitan city in the world. It was full of people who were full of aspirations. People came here to remake themselves and start again. It had it's...
  8. MikeKardec

    Ford Vs Ferrari ...

    ... Or better titled, Ford vs. Ford. A terrific film. There haven't been many "real" Hollywood movies made recently, films made for adult Americans. I've lived on the edge of the professional racing world my whole life, knew a lot of guys like the ones in this film as my elder mentors and...
  9. MikeKardec

    Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood

    I often hate Tarantino films before I get around to liking them. Some I just hate for ever. Some I eventually admit contain brilliance. This is not a review but I do have some observations on this one. 1) There's not much story. The films ambles along following 3 to 5 story intersecting...
  10. MikeKardec

    Books Published: Thank you FL members!

    This month I (and my father, Louis L'Amour -- though posthumously in his case) have released two books that might interest the people of the Lounge: No Traveller Returns, in hard cover, and Yondering, in paperback ... both are also in ebook formats too. No Traveller Returns is a novel set on a...
  11. MikeKardec

    Advice For Writers -- Structure

    Since there are a good many writers here I thought I'd explore some ideas I've been experimenting with both in my own work and considering in examples of in the work of others. Today I'm going to deal with structure: Structure is the geometrical "proof" of your story. It is the all important...
  12. MikeKardec

    Wilderness Clubs

    My grandfather was a real estate developer in Southern California from the 1920s to the 1940s. His basic design for a resort was common for the period. He would build a "club house" that included a dining room, meeting rooms, a bar, a swimming pool, tennis, bad mitten and other courts. Then...
  13. MikeKardec

    Babylon Berlin

    This is a Netflix offering with subtitles. I've just finished Episode One and, story-wise, it is intriguing (that's all it can be so far) but the atmosphere, sets (other than one typically European, too-clean, semi CG shot), costumes (other than one particularly bad hat) are first among firsts...
  14. MikeKardec

    Rodd Redwing

    I've posted elsewhere about this guy but I just found some photos. Rodd was a well known stuntman and weapons master from the '30s to the '70s. He taught knife, rope, whip, pistol and rifle to Hollywood's greatest and performed some very tricky stunts. His real claim to fame was as a trick...
  15. MikeKardec

    Anyone familiar with Roy Rogers Radio Show?

    I'm searching for an episode list or someone familiar with the episode stories. I am researching several story ideas that were sold to them July of 1949, so production dates would be after that date. I can supply all the details but the most critical is about escaping bank robbers (or thieves...
  16. MikeKardec


    A brief review or just a reminder of the 1994 Whit Stillman film Barcelona. This rather dead pan comedy follows a pair of ex-patriot cousins as they explore their past, fall in and out of love with local women and eventually discover a future where they can coexist without friction. Ted is an...
  17. MikeKardec

    Wind River

    A very good "Western" written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, a long time actor and the writer of the excellent Sicrio and Hell or High Water. A death from exposure directly related to what seems to be a serious felony on an Indian reservation creates a situation where a young female FBI agent...
  18. MikeKardec

    Stranger Things Season One

    This is a Netflix show and I do not believe I had created any spoilers ... We see far too many movies and TV series that are set in other times and reference popular culture a manner that is merely superficial if not completely counter productive. The great failing is trying too hard and being...
  19. MikeKardec

    Disappearing vintage archetecture and decorating

    My old house needs work and so, before I commit to the significant expense of upgrading, I've been casually stopping in at open houses in my general neighborhood. When I moved in 20 years ago there were homes built between the '20s and the '50s sporting their original fixtures and architectural...
  20. MikeKardec

    Lost Cities!

    Just finishing The Lost City of the Monkey God, a recently published non fiction work by novelist and archeology writer for National Geographic and The New Yorker, Douglas Preston. An excellent and detailed account of the discovery of the mythical Cuidad Blanca in Honduras. Protected by a very...

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