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    DOBBS WEST 7 3/8

    Crown at peak 7",brim 3 1/2"Nice Hat asking $140 shipped CONUS

    Mac Lachlan Homburg 7 3/8

    I have 5 or 6 Homburgs and don't wear them.I'm letting my best one go.]asking $250 shipped CONUS

    BORSALINO 7 1/8

    Really nice thin felt dark brown hat.Brim is 2 5/8".Wish it was a little bigger.E.jpg[/img]Asking $200 shipped CONUS

    Dobbs Twenty 7 1/8

    Very nice Black hat.2" brim felted edge.mg]Thinking late 50s early 60s.Asking $40 for hat plus $10 shipping CONUS

    JC Penny 7 3/8

    Nice hat just a little big on me.2 1/8" brim,color a little darker than pics show.Asking $90 shipped CONUS.g[/img]

    Stetson Stratoliner 7 1/8

    Not my size have to let it go.Brim 2 1/2",color silverbelly.Asking $ 100 shipped CONUS

    Serratelli 6X 7 1/4 long oval

    Like new hat never had it on.Got it thinking I would convert it about 5 years ago.4 inch brim,color silver belly.Comes with Serratelli box.Asking $120 shipped CONUS

    Resistol Western weight fedora 7 1/8

    Flame red,2 3/4" brim,1 1/2" black vintage ribbon,9 pleat shark gill bow.Custom liner.Size 7 1/8".Time to sell hats that will not fit me.Everyone should have at least one red hat.Asking $120 shipped CONUS.Any questions,feel free to ask.TyYRUg.jpg[/img]

    Vintage Royal Stetson

    Here is a very nice vintage Stetson.2 5/8" brim.1 5/8" ribbon.Asking $140 shipped CONUS.mg]
  10. DOGMAN

    Vintage Stetson 3X 7 1/8

    Really nice 3X thinking late 40s early 50s hat(stars in crest on sweatband).Anyone who has had their hands on a vintage Stetson 3X can tell you how nice the felt is.Asking $180 for hat and $10 shipped CONUS
  11. DOGMAN

    Dobbs Rainbow 7 1/8

    Nice little Dobbs.Grey with 2" brim.Thinking probably a 60s hat.Asking $50 for hat with $10 shipping.Questions you can PM me.Will consider offers.Thanks
  12. DOGMAN

    Vintage Royal Stetson 7 3/8

    Very nice vintage Royal Stetson.Brim 2 5/8"-Crown as creased front 4 1/4",back 3 7/8".Sweatband 1 7/8" in good shape,6 ply ribbon.Alot of 7 3/8 I can wear (I'm a 7 1/4 long oval)but this one is loose on me all the way around.Great hat for one of you 7 3/8s guys.Any questions or offers PM...
  13. DOGMAN

    Royal De Luxe Stetson St.Regis Homburg

    Super nice gray Homburg.No size tag 20 1/2",7 3/8" by 6 1/8".Price tag $12.95 so thinking late 50s.Asking $40 shipped CONUS
  14. DOGMAN

    Stetson Derby 7 1/8

    Have to many hats running out of room.Have to sell some that are not my size.Here is a early Stetson in great shape.If I didn't know better I'd think it was new.I think this is the nicest Derby I've ever found.Going to make someone very happy.Looking for a head to sit on.Asking $60 shipped...
  15. DOGMAN

    Resistol 7 1/2

    Here is a Resistol that started it's life as a western.It now has a new life as a Fedora.A very nice hat in great condition,with a hand made custom liner.Asking $130 shipped CONUS.Any offers or questions please PM me.Thanks
  16. DOGMAN

    7 1/4 Stetson 7x clear beaver w/box

    Found this hat a few years back.It had a cattleman crease.Put it in a open crown and never put a crease back in.Hate to see this hat go,but I've never had it on.It's a little small for me.Just don't like seeing it never out of the box.Asking $500 w/box shipped CONUS.Any questions just pm me.
  17. DOGMAN

    Shuddle Bro 3x size 7 1/2

    Wish this hat was my size,would keep it.Found this hat last summer at the estate sale of Victor Schreckengost,Industrial designer,teacher,sculptor,artist.Passed in 2008 at 102 yrs.Very interesting man Google him.50's Stetson 3x Shuddle bros.Asking $160 shipped CONUS.
  18. DOGMAN

    Stetson Royal De Luxe size 6 7/8

    Great little Stetson.Brim is 1 3/4"overwelt.Asking $30 shipped CONUS
  19. DOGMAN

    Richman Brothers size 7

    Nice little Richman Brothers.Overwelt brim is 1 3/4".Asking $30 shipped CONUS
  20. DOGMAN

    Knox 7 1/8

    Here is a nice gray Knox 7 1/8 Stingy brim with a overwelt edge.Brim is 1 15/16" almost 2".Asking $35 shipped CONUS.

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