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    Levis Cafe Racer

    Hello All I wanted to ask you for help, because I wonder if this jacket is vegetable tanned leather and will it take on a patina over time? https://www.vinted.pl/mezczyzni/ubrania/plaszcze-i-kurtki/kurtki/kurtki-skorzane/175805942-kurtka-levis Thank You for Your help Przemek
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    Levis Leather Sherpa Made in Japan

    Hello Everyone Have any of you heard about Sharpa Levis from the late 1980s, made in Japan? The suit has fur in the lining, but there is nothing like the classic sherpa fur on the collar. Thanks for your help Przemek
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    Vanson C2 Fit

    I have a request for help fitting a Vanson C2. Do you think size 42 will be good for me? I am 178 cm tall Chest 106 cm Weight 85 kg. My request for help is because I have never had any experience with Vanson. I have the Aero HIghwayman Premier jacket size 42 and it's OK for me but it's quite a...

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