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  1. nattevagten

    Get out the goats!

    How come no company (Aero, SB, etc.) offers burgundy or maroon goathide? It’s always black or some variation of brown for some reason.
  2. nattevagten

    Aero CXL FQHH

    Is the thinner CXFQHH always so grainy or did you specifically ask for an ultra grainy hide? I was offered this option as well, but I prefer cleaner hides. Perhaps it would be a better idea to wait until they stock regular CXFQHH again?
  3. nattevagten

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Thank you; I appreciate it.
  4. nattevagten

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Anyone know what's going on with their customer service? Have an order pending, but barely get any replies, e-mails are ignored and only answered after a second attempt, if that. I believe I sent my last e-mail a week ago and still no response. It will be three weeks soon without any progress...
  5. nattevagten

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Now I suddenly have a feeling that the chest pocket on my premier highwayman may not be approved either... Odd though, as their new website allows choosing a chest pocket when you go through the customisation process.
  6. nattevagten

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    SB J100 in Italian HH.
  7. nattevagten

    Which leather for an Aero Premier Halfbelt?

    Agreed. The plastic feel and the printed (or grain-corrected) look of Vicenza are quite off-putting. I recently ordered my premier-jacket in CXL FQHH. Hope it will turn out good.
  8. nattevagten

    FS: Schott perfecto 118j brown size 46

    A very nice, if not a perfect, colour for a Schott Perfecto.
  9. nattevagten

    Hooch Hauler vs Bootlegger STF

    Is there anyone who has tried both of these models? Are there any difference in sizing? I remember someone saying that Bootlegger STF has wider sleeves, but I couldn’t find the post any more. My usual measurements on a similar cross-zip: 20.75"–21" P2P, 18" shoulders, 18-19" waist. Would either...
  10. nattevagten

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    Is the Hooch Hauler even trimmer than Bootlegger STF? Is it heavily tapered as well?
  11. nattevagten

    Anyone else still waiting for jacket weather ?

    Agreed. Summers with 14-15 °C weather and rain are absolutely dismal. No leather jacket will change that, I’m afraid.
  12. nattevagten

    Simmons Bilt

    Not just the elk and Himeji. There’s also Clayton vintage, Horween Milan/Lux (Aero doesn’t have either of them), and the Italian Epsom horsehide, which are all spectacular leathers. As for custom requests, they didn’t even charge me for some small modifications that I have asked and everything...
  13. nattevagten

    Custom Aero advice, please: 3rd times charm?

    They are probably right... The soft black steerhide sample that I had was really pebbly and had a matt finish; it felt a bit too light as well. To my mind, Aero’s goat has a much more luxurious feel.
  14. nattevagten

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    An SB in CXL steerhide, bought a year ago. A terribly heavy jacket, but still love it a lot.
  15. nattevagten

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    A really nice Schott Perfecto (late 70s, early 80s). Don't see the ones w/o underarm footballs too often. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154838341625
  16. nattevagten

    What kind of cowhide might this be?(alexander leather)

    Looks more like goat hide to me.
  17. nattevagten

    FS: Schott 618HH in size 38

    Schott Perfectos don't seem to sell well here for some reason. Had my ad up for almost a year. Still, good luck with the sale!
  18. nattevagten

    Looking for Aero board racer in size 40

    Sorry, a bit too far away - Estland. Thanks for the offer, though.
  19. nattevagten

    Can a older men wear a motor( double rider) jacket As a fashion jacket?

    What? Can't you write a coherent post?
  20. nattevagten

    Can a older men wear a motor( double rider) jacket As a fashion jacket?

    I’d say there's a difference between a 'cross-zip' and a 'cross-zip'. The Schott Perfecto type of cross-zips look too aggressive on most people (especially on someone older than 50), whereas Aero’s bootlegger has a fairly casual look; most people can pull it off. Another thing is the hardware -...

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