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  1. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Need help for a guy ...

    I received a call last night from Saint Cloud Florida (near Kissimmee / Orlando) from a really nice gent who would like a sweatband replaced. While I would happy to do so, I live in California and, honestly, I'm buried with hat work as it is. I was hoping that one of you could assist me, and...
  2. Mustang Mike's Hats

    When your wife gets a hold of your hats (A horror story) ...

    So, I come home yesterday and my wife shares with me that she went to her dad's to visit him and her uncle and aunt who were visiting from out of town... Ohio, to be exact. Now, not unlike some of you, I have a few “extra” hats (If that really can BE such a thing) She decides, on her own...
  3. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Trading Post ... (aka Swap Shop)

    I have a bunch of extra brown sweatband bows and have a need for a few white ones. Anyone out there willing to make a swap? Feel free to pm me if you wish. BTW - If we already have a place for this sort of thread somewhere else,smack me and put it where it belongs.
  4. Mustang Mike's Hats

    40's suit accessories question

    I'm going to be attending a 40's dance in a week or so, and while I'm quite comfortable with my suit and fedora, it's the shoes and tie where I'm a bit stuck. I need some direction on a shoe style that will work AND an answer as to whether a knit tie would have been appropriate for the era...
  5. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Sweatband vendor change

    In case anyone is interested, there's been a change to one of the sweatband vendors out there. JW Hats is no longer selling sweatbands and have sold that part of their business to a gent in New Mexico, Brian of Sullivan Hats in Basque, NM. I've spoken with Brian and it appears that little...
  6. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Interesting vintage finds this weekend ...

    Had a free Saturday so my wife and I made a trip up to L.A. We visited Baron's Hats in Burbank (poorly taken photos attached) and then California Millinery in downtown. It was great to get a chance to see some famous hats like the one's below. I'd never been there after living in So Cal for...

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