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  1. Art Fawcett

    The Brim and The Crown

    Hi Everyone, this is just a post to alert you hat a new book has been published recently as a guide to Custom hatters in the US and Worldwide. I was asked to help but my contribution was minimal. Here is the Amazon link to it. I can't find a website for it yet, maybe Mark will join in with more...
  2. Art Fawcett

    Vintage hat ribbon

    Well Gentlemen, it has started. I started going through my hatband ribbon and find that I have hundreds, I'm not kidding hundreds of small, 2 to 10 yard rolls that my wife and I decided would be perfect for the hobbiest and kitchen table hatters here on the lounge. No great investment but...
  3. Art Fawcett


    From the stock of VS Custom Hats I am selling all bodies in stock. I have 100% Dress weight from Winchester, also Staple ( Rabbit) bodies, Western bodies, Nutria/rabbit blend bodies, featherweight 100%, rabbit bodies from Tonak. 100% dress bodies are $50 each, Winchester rabbit @ $25 each...
  4. Art Fawcett

    Hatters beware

    I hate to start a thread like this but feel it's important that nobody else gets taken by this dealer of Cuenca panamas. Here's the story Last year when Panama Bob went out of business I lost my best supplier of raw body panamas that I had come to count on in a pinch. He had developed a network...
  5. Art Fawcett

    So, I was just working in the shop, minding my own business when...

    I got a call from my buddy John McLaughlin in Milwaukee ( Brass Rooster) telling me that he and his lovely wife Kate were in the basement of a building in NYC, digging through boxes of never used felts hoods that were made for the Mallory and Merrimac hat companies in 1952 and 1953. OK, you...
  6. Art Fawcett

    Cash for Clunkers Part 6

    For the last 5 years I have been collecting hats for the Vets here in Southern Oregon and deliver them around Christmas time every year. Since this started in 2009, we collectively have donated over 300 hats to the cause and the Vets have come to expect it every year. I’m good with their...
  7. Art Fawcett

    ROAD TRIP!!!!! Milwaukee

    Gentlemen, I've been released early for good behavior and am traveling next weekend to Milwaukee's "The Brass Rooster" hat shop to work with Kate and John on some new designs, ideas, and frankly, to play a little bit . They have planned a "meet & greet" event on Saturday 5/17/2014 and I am...
  8. Art Fawcett

    Introducing "Bluesmen" series from VS

    As many of you know, I went to the Fedorafest IV in Memphis/Covington last May and came away with ideas for hats that I would not have thought of before. I started looking at names of some of the great Blues musicians both current and past, along with other people/ entities associated with the...
  9. Art Fawcett

    Final version....Hitchhiker by VS

    HI Gents, I received the first portion of my felts and have been working on your comments to see how enticing I can make this hat and here is the final product...times 4 I've decided to offer 4 different models Leather band Hand braided suede band ( braided by myself) 12 ligne ribbon ( 1")...
  10. Art Fawcett

    Fedora Lounge Appreciation Month

    I know this is an odd title but here, today, Feb 1, 2012 I feel totally blessed by having been associated with the Fedora Lounge for so many years and what it has done for me. Here I am, living in the middle of the woods far off the beaten path , making the hats I've always wanted to make for...
  11. Art Fawcett

    Introducing both "Journeyman" and "Hitchhiker"

    Happy New Year!!!! The following are two hat models that I have been working on recently that I hope interest you. I mentioned one in an earlier thread but here goes with both. First, my goal was/is to develop something more rugged in appearance and style than my normal dress hats. To...
  12. Art Fawcett

    Some bad news (now getting better!)

    Fellow Bartenders, if you feel this thread is better placed elsewhere please feel free to move it. A thread like this is never comfortable anywhere & doesn't seem to fit but, since I am best known in the Hats I thought it would reach the most here. Gentlemen, I find myself getting behind...
  13. Art Fawcett

    Thank you Beaver Brands

    With so much negativity going on (seemingly) in the hat world and among hatters I thought it was time to show what honorable secure hatters do for each other on occasion. I have a multi order client that was passionately wanting me to build a hat in a color that I do not carry but finally found...
  14. Art Fawcett

    I lost a friend today

    This feels pretty dumb, but I am so down it's hard to focus. I lost a friend today. He was sick when I found him a year ago, I nursed him back to health, we went on my rides together, got to know each other through crisis and conflict, and in the end I really liked the guy, he became my friend...
  15. Art Fawcett

    A better Mousetrap?

    A few weeks ago one of my clients and fellow Lounger sent me an item that I am really intrigued with and hope to incorporate into my business. It is a hat retainer with some neat ideas. 1. , it's spring loaded, 2. it can be used as a mild stretcher, 3. can be placed in the hat and hung on a...
  16. Art Fawcett

    You're gonna be upset but

    First I need to Thank all of you Loungers that have sent me renovatoins to do during this first year of business. It has kept me occupied beyond my wildest visions and the Custom hat side of my business has been overwhelming. So much so that I feel that I have to give something up and have...
  17. Art Fawcett

    here's for you WEEGEE

    Last week I mentioned in a thread that I had a few new colors but one of them I wasn't seeing in my head what I wanted to do with. Brother WEEGEE suggested a stingy brim..hmmmm...let's see!!. As you know I'm not known for stingy's but I think this one has some pazazzz... what do you think...
  18. Art Fawcett

    Just HAD to share this one

    OK, this one needs some setup before viewing. About a year ago we started building our home/hat shop/ranch and one of the first things I did was locate a master carpenter that was interested in working both for and with me to build our dream. The gent I found was/is perfect. He showed up in the...
  19. Art Fawcett

    Here's to you Root!!

    A few days ago I was asked, or advised that if I could duplicate the 30's era fedora with center dent, tall crown, 2 3/8" brim that I would sell "a million" of them. Well, I don't want to sell a million Root, but here's the end result. Crown= 5 7/8 brim= 2 3/8 raw edged Ribbon 27 ligne ( 2...
  20. Art Fawcett

    Another Virgin bites the dust!!!!

    Got your attention eh??? Let me explain. A few weeks ago I received an email from a gent that peruses the Lounge but hasn't posted yet. He was in the process of deciding first if he wanted to start wearing a fedora, and second, what kind would fit his lifestyle. He had searched the threads...

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