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  1. HudsonHawk

    Hipsters, tourists, and "artisinal" devil crabs...

    So on one of the local nostalgia groups I belong to on Facebook, there was a discussion about the rise of chain restaurants and the demise of mom and pops places, and specifically what might be called "artisanal" vendors today. Got me thinking about what moves something from the traditional to...
  2. HudsonHawk

    Blade Runner - The Final Cut

    So the local theater is showing Blade Runner - The Final Cut tomorrow night. I'm getting together with my old college buddies to see it and have a few pops at the local pub afterward. I couldn't care less about any Star Wars related, but I'm getting totally geeked up about this. If only you...
  3. HudsonHawk

    "Vintage" LED light bulbs

    A while back, I remember a thread where we discussed the new high efficiency light bulbs...CFL vs. Incandescent vs. LED, etc. One of the complaints about newer bulbs is the harshness of the light and bulb itself. I've been seeing a lot of new technology on bulbs lately, and one that's becoming...
  4. HudsonHawk

    Crystalized Honey

    Anyone have a good way of de-crystalizing honey? I've read everything from microwaves to running it through the dishwasher. I usually just run it under some hot water to loosen it up so it flows, I don't really care that it's cloudy and maybe even a little chunky. It still tastes the same...
  5. HudsonHawk

    Town Clocks

    Something that's always fascinated me is town clocks. Whether new or old, there's just something about a large public timepiece that I love. A few from my town... The large clock on the face of City Hall: And a newer one, but one I drive past every day:
  6. HudsonHawk

    Favorite time of day to smoke a cigar?

    At the cigar lounge yesterday talking with the fellas, we got to talking about our favorite time of day to smoke. For most guys it's after work or in the evening after supper, but I mentioned that my favorite time was early morning. I wasn't alone, but definitely in the small minority. I love...
  7. HudsonHawk

    Wedding Invitations

    So I've received two wedding invitations in the mail this week; one for my niece and one for my wife's cousin. One address envelope was hand written and the other was computer generated. The latter bothers me. I know it's hip and cool to have all your addresses in a database and let the...
  8. HudsonHawk

    Digital watches/clocks

    Just a random thought, but am I the only one who can't tell time in digital form? I mean, I can read the time, it just means nothing to me. I have to translate it in my head to a clock face. So when I see "8:50", I have to think "let's see...that means the little hand is on the..." I don't own...
  9. HudsonHawk

    Favorite Christmas candy

    I've never really had what one would call a sweet tooth. We just never had many sweets growing up, and even today I prefer salty snacks...peanuts, potato chips, and I'm absolutely crazy for fresh popcorn. But Christmas was one time when we got to eat a little candy, either some that Mom...
  10. HudsonHawk

    A Day That Will Live In Infamy

    72 years ago today, the Empire of Japan launched an attack on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, precipitating the US's entrance into World War II. In addition to being a day of remembrance of all affected by this event, and the events to follow, this event (and the WWII...
  11. HudsonHawk

    One doofus or an annoying trend in socks?

    So I'm in a big meeting this morning...a dozen or so people from all over the world. We're all wearing business suits. One gentleman, about 30 I'd guess, is wearing a charcoal gray suit, nice shirt and tie, and nice black shoes. He is, however, wearing one bright lime green sock and one...
  12. HudsonHawk

    Native language/dialect...disappearing

    After the recent thread about things that are disappearing quickly, I was struck by a recent article in Texas Monthly magazine about the ever disappearing "Texas German" language. The article was about the language spoken prominently in Texas from the 1830's until the 1920's (a regional dialect...

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