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  1. Helena Grace

    The Era -- Day By Day

    Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love this idea! I will have to start right away. I find this fascinating.
  2. Helena Grace

    Anyone else interested in trying out ration dieting?

    Hello all! I am looking to trying a ration diet. I have always wanted to, but either never had the money or lived with my parents XD. But I need to eat better and I can't imagine a better way than indulging my love of the Forties
  3. Helena Grace

    In Search Of Hollywood Patterns 517

    I will also take tracing of someone's pattern and of course I am willing to pay just about whatever you want for it
  4. Helena Grace

    In Search Of Hollywood Patterns 517

    I am not sure if I I post it here, but it seems right. I am looking for the Hollywood Pattern 517, of Linda Hayes. As long as it has most of the pieces I am not picky about quality. I don't care about size since I'm going to have to rework it anyway - I just want a basis. Any help would be...
  5. Helena Grace

    Repair a Vintage Watchband

    I am looking to buy a 1940s advertised watch. Honestly, I'm not too concerned about the validity of that since it's a pretty good mimic of the watch Peggy Carter wears and I will live out my dream of being her. But! Back on topic. The wristband is in pretty rough shape. It looks like it's just...
  6. Helena Grace

    Scalloped Stratton Compact with Cream Enamel - searching for

    This is not something I am selling - I am in fact looking for it. I apparently cannot post in any of the other forums though, and I don't know where else to turn to to try to find it so....here goes. If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I have uploaded a picture of...
  7. Helena Grace

    Fixing a Vintage Lipstick Tube?

    I am so sorry for the delay - I lost computer acessa. Or at least a working one.... And I have a camera again!! So yes. Pictures. There is a twist for a tiny but and no slider as mentioned.... I will try the oil tonight!
  8. Helena Grace

    Fixing a Vintage Lipstick Tube?

    So I found a metal bullet tube of lipstick at a thrift store. It has the word 'Carmen' on it, and is by 'Leon Loraine (or Laraine)' and 'Carrel in Chicago IL'. The tube has some red lipstick still in it and doesn't have a slider anywhere on it (I looked desperately.) But the tube won't twist up...
  9. Helena Grace

    New Short Hair....

    I recently got my hair cut. It was supposed to be a long (about twelve inches at least....) middy, but my hairstylist/sibling endd up hacking it off to what became seven inches after I evened it out a bit to make a middy-ish cut. One? I hate short hair. While it should be much easier to...
  10. Helena Grace

    Maintaining Vintage Hair While Enjoying The Pool On Vacation

    ....Yes. A swim cap would be superbe (I am having the same problem concerning vintage hair plus swimming). Suggestions where I could find one? Is there any chance on earth that Walmart would carry them? What are the best? And would it crush the hair beneath? I mean - how to keep it curly and...
  11. Helena Grace

    Setting Lotion

    Beer? I had heard that before - but I only have negative memories and associations with that stuff. That, and I really couldn't procure it - but I would go with chemicals before using it. My apologies - I had heard it worked though. Sugar water? Wouldn't that be a terror come summer and heat...
  12. Helena Grace

    Lace it up - The true Corset thread

    I am saving up for a corset from Orchard Corsets, given that they are reputed to be quite good and for such a low price - which even that I can barely afford. Now, I simply layer up three cheap (although they do have steel boning) hook and eye waist cinchers from Walmart: one small and one my...
  13. Helena Grace

    Much Needed Advice Concerning a Home Permanent?

    Very well - thank you so much! Yes - the state of the hair without pincurling was rather my worry...... I can only do home permanents - and the fumes definitely discourage me from attempting it again. Thank you very much for your assistance and advice!
  14. Helena Grace

    Much Needed Advice Concerning a Home Permanent?

    The last permanent I got has long since grown and faded out of my hair - thankfully. Do you know if there would be any chance with longer hair of a perm making the pincurling itself easier? and would you happen to know how much longer a permanent will allow the curl to hold? I apologise for...
  15. Helena Grace

    the *stigma* with wearing red lipstick

    Stigma? Certainly. First, I have always heard and known that red lipstick and such bright colours of that shade were only worn by Ladies of the Night. obviously, black and white films didn't show the red, earlier period films had no lipstick, and any modern films were brown or some other such...
  16. Helena Grace

    Who Here Has Switched To the 'No-Poo' Method??

    I use no-poo, and generally stay away from all chemicals in my hair. This isn't so much for their own sake - just that my hair is finally healthy and soft, and when I put hairspray on I literally had to wash my hair to get it out again. So chemicals almost...overreact or something? *shrugs*
  17. Helena Grace

    Setting Lotion

    I usually use a homemade flaxseed setting lotion which I understand to be the same as the linseed setting lotion. However, I'm unable to continue making it at the moment due to complications with access, and so was wondering if there was an alternative? I know Lottabody is apparently much used...
  18. Helena Grace

    do you wash your hair everyday?

    About six months ago I was to the point where I had to wash it every day to even try to make it look clean and I never had the time to. It was extremely dull and stiff and split, and althogether unhealthy. I actually changed my habits due to my fascination with history and my newfound ability to...
  19. Helena Grace

    The Man in the High Castle

    Have fun! No, sadly, it's not available on television either.....

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