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  1. Shangas

    Celebrating My First Trenchcoat :)

    Haven't been here for quite a while. Lots of things happened in life which kept me busy, occupied, and away. Over the last few months I've been busy building up my wardrobe again, and have purchased a number of new pieces. One of these was my new navy blue cotton-gaberdine knee-length DB...
  2. Shangas

    One Homemade Dressing Gown

    This is only my second attempt at making one...
  3. Shangas

    My New Green Overcoat

    In my ongoing quest to build a proper wardrobe for myself, I decided that I needed a decent long winter coat. I ended up buying this at the flea-market today. It's from the 70s, according to the label on the lining, from a menswear company (Scott LaSalle's) that, according to my research...
  4. Shangas

    Navy Blue Peacoat :)

    I haven't been too active here on the F.L. for a while, been devoting my time to other interests. But in recent months I've been unconsciously striving to build myself a better vintage or at least vintage-style/inspired wardrobe. In the last six months, I've bought... One vintage dressing-gown...
  5. Shangas

    FOR SALE: Men's Leather Gloves (Size S)

    FOR SALE: TWO PAIRS of LEATHER GLOVES. PAIR 01: BLACK LEATHER gloves with CASHMERE WOOL LINING. MADE in ITALY. Excellent, like-new condition. Selling due to lack of use. SIZE: 7.5. SMALL. 21cm from bottom of glove to top of longest finger. $80.00AUD + post, or best offer. Payment...
  6. Shangas

    Antique Miniature Mahjong Set (Ca. 1900)

    Isn't this Ah-door-a-bul? :p I won it at auction and I just carried it home. It's a beautiful, wood-cased antique mahjong set, from the turn of the last century. The tiles are made of bone and bamboo. The entire thing is handmade, and it's a 2/3 miniature-sized set! I've always wanted an...
  7. Shangas

    My New Straight Razor Set (Sheffield, ca. 1900)

    Haven't been on here for a while, mostly because of packing and moving house. I bought this nifty seven-day straight razor set about a month ago. Thought the folks here might get a kick out of it. It was made in Sheffield in about 1900-1910. All complete, and all in great condition...
  8. Shangas

    Question about a Dapper Dans Song

    Hey folks. I'm something of a fan of barbershop quartets, and the Dapper Dans of Disneyland fame. The Dans (and most barbershop quartets) usually perform songs from the late Victorian-era up to the 1910s and 20s. I came across a video on YouTube of a song I don't recognise. The tiel says...
  9. Shangas

    Show Us Your Vintage Sewing Machines!

    I'm SURE there was a thread on this somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't find it. I've scoured the search-function of every likely board and came up with zilch. Anyway, this is the thread for showing off your vintage, or antique sewing machines! I know there's a lot of people here who...
  10. Shangas

    Question About 8-Panel Caps

    Hiya Folks, For reasons which I won't go into - I have lots of leftover denim - and I was thinking of using this denim to build myself a hat. Specifically - an eight-panel cap. They look relatively easy to manufacture, and I'm not in-competent when it comes to the operation of a sewing...
  11. Shangas

    Fedora Lounge Bloggers?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how many people on the Fedora Lounge run their own blogs? I think a few people do - I have seen them. I invite you all to share your blog here and tell us a bit about it. My original blog was set up in October of 2009 and ran until the end of 2015. I covered a...
  12. Shangas

    The 1939 Timewarp House

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35734889?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook Lady who lives her life as a woman from 1939, on the brink of the Second World War.
  13. Shangas

    Flinders Street to be Renovated/Restored? Maybe...

    Flinders Street Station is in the news. Again. Where we'll be told that it will be renovated and restored to its former, Victorian glory. Again. And that it will form a new cultural hub in the "world's most livable city". Again. I took this photograph a year or two ago during the annual...
  14. Shangas

    Looking to Buy My First Suit :)

    Hey Folks, I'm looking to buy my very first suit. Long-story-short: Big brother's wedding is in about three months (well two months and a bit). He said I should have a new suit for the wedding. Now...I already HAVE a suit. But it's BUTT UGLY. I can count the number of times I've worn...
  15. Shangas

    Show Us Your Mechanical Clocks!

    I searched rather extensively for this, but couldn't find anything, so I'm creating a thread for it. If such a thread already exists, then my apologies in advance. I create this thread for my fellow loungers to share photographs (and stories, if any exist) behind the *mechanical* vintage or...
  16. Shangas

    The Nazi Gold Train

    Makes for interesting reading... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/11812174/Has-a-lost-Nazi-ghost-train-carrying-gold-finally-been-found-Two-treasure-hunters-think-so.html
  17. Shangas

    Hotel Windsor to Close in 2018 (?)

    http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/windsor-hotel-to-close-tower-plans-dumped-20150710-gi9i6v.html Opened in 1883, The Hotel Windsor is Australia's (and Melbourne's) last great Victorian grand hotel. It's been around so long, it's actually older than a lot of other, far more famous hotels...
  18. Shangas

    Question about Nitrocellulose Film & Fire Safety

    Hey folks, I'm busy writing a piece about ivory, and this involves the discussion of early plastics, specifically celluloid, and its combustible nature. According to one source, transporting nitrate film-stock on the London Underground was illegal, due to the high fire-risk. Did a...
  19. Shangas

    WWI British field officer's trench whistle. J. Hudson & Co. Birmingham - 1915!!

    Here's a war-vet you don't see every day... Celebrating its 100th birthday this year is my newly-acquired WWI officer's trench whistle! Manufactured by the famous Joseph Hudson Whistle Company, this nickel-plated brass whistle was given to me by a gentleman on the other side of the...
  20. Shangas

    Question About German Rationing during WWII

    Hey folks, Need your help to confirm or deny something I read (or thought I read) a number of years ago. I THINK it was on a thread in this forum, but it was so long ago, I don't remember. In a couple of months' time, I'm going to be writing an issue of my history magazine which will...

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