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  1. Hugh Beaumont

    Any Barbers in the lounge?

    It looks like I am going to Barber School through the V.A. I've been going to a barber as long as I can remember so the culture is something that has been a very important part of my life. I come from the hospitality business and have spent many years as a bartender but would love to get some...
  2. Hugh Beaumont

    Need a custom hat made...for a puppet :)

    I am building muppet style puppets of a couple of characters I cartoon and one character (A lizard) wears a straw fedora. I am having a heck of a time finding a hat in such a tiny size (very similar to Kermit). I ordered a couple of infant hats, but they are just a tad too big and I also tried...
  3. Hugh Beaumont

    Hat making?? Learning Millinery..

    I am a disabled veteran and I am looking for a trade to learn to get me out of my current job working in a factory. It's just too hard on me now. I've always had a fascination with mens hats, especially the Fedora. Would love to learn how to make them and turn it into a profession. If there...
  4. Hugh Beaumont

    In praise of Todd's Costumes..

    Just finishing up assembling my Screen accurate Indy costume (is it really a costume?). Received Todd's Indy pants today and in one word... INCREDIBLE. These slacks have all the vintage qualities I love. High waist, great vintage twill, retro loops, great color. I know there are a lot...
  5. Hugh Beaumont

    Achieving the Indiana Jones look...without looking in costume??

    Hey Gang, I have almost completed my screen accurate Indiana Jones costume. I've fallen in love with the look and at my age, I feel more comfortable in it, but still don't want to walk around in public looking like I am wearing a costume. I currently wear various makes of a field shirt...
  6. Hugh Beaumont

    Does anyone own the "Indiana Leather Adventure duffle"?

    Saw this recently and it caught my eye. A little pricey, but looks like it's worth it. Was hoping someone had one and could post a review: http://wantist.com/products/the-indiana-leather-adventure-duffel
  7. Hugh Beaumont

    I curse Charlie Sheen

    Yesterday I found some great vintage shirts at a local Salvation Army store. When I was paying for them, the clerk says "Oh, nice Charlie Sheen shirts. He really made them popular huh? Everybody wants them now" :mad: She then went on to say there were more shirts, but someone bought them up...
  8. Hugh Beaumont

    Need the recipe for Coney Sauce

    I don't know how many here are familiar with the original Coney Island Hot Dogs from the midwest, but I am looking for a recipe. I've tried looking online, but there are dozens that don't seem to be close. Most call for tomato paste and I know for a fact, tomato paste (or any tomato product) is...
  9. Hugh Beaumont

    Name my comic strip!

    I am a cartoonist developing a comic strip and I need a title! Here is the premise: A family strip taking place in the future, envisioned in the 50's/60's. Very Syd Mead-ish, Mid-centuryish retro. It's the commercial future, envisioned by FORD, Chevy, GE, et al. Yes, some could say it's...
  10. Hugh Beaumont

    tats up the arm..

    Sorry for this rant, and I hope not to offend anyone here, but is anyone else in the rockabilly community tired of the same look everyone has? Since when does rockabilly mean looking like Jesse James (motorcycle fabricator)? Seems every time I go to an event, everyone looks the same. All the...
  11. Hugh Beaumont

    Looking for vintage retro spaceage art/articles

    I am working on a project that requires art and lifestyles from the future space age, envisioned in the 50's/60's, the kind of future in "The Jetsons". I've found a couple of books on Ebay, but was wondering if they made a magazine back then showcasing life in the 21st century. I love the...
  12. Hugh Beaumont

    Any Morrissey fans here, or even a look-a-like?

    Just wondering if there are any Morrissey fans here. Been a fan since The Smiths, and even more when he went Rockabilly in the early 90's. (Your Arsenal is my favorite album). He's looking very classic these days. I know this is a stretch, but I am in need of a Morrissey look-a-like for a...
  13. Hugh Beaumont

    The 1950's Hollywood look

    Okay Gang, I need your help. I am into the Rockabilly look with over 100 vintage rockabilly shirts, but I am stuck. I am going to my 25 class reunion and I don't want to do the rockabilly thing. I am looking for the classic Hollywood look. I just can't place my finger on it outside of the...
  14. Hugh Beaumont

    Does anyone else like Comic book Artist Alex Ross?

    Been a fan for years and wondered if anyone else here likes his deco style of renditions he does for superheros such as Superman. In fact, his version of Superman is the best portrayal of Superman ever done in my opinion. Very 1930's Norman Rockwellesque.
  15. Hugh Beaumont

    What makes a 1960's suit so unique?

    I really should know this....but I can't put my finger on it. I collect 50's and early 60's shirts with over 100 in my collection, so I thought I had an eye for the era, but can't seem to put my finger on what makes an early 60's suit look 60's in the same vein as MAD MEN. All of their...
  16. Hugh Beaumont

    Hamilton Ventura replicas??

    A month or so ago, I was perusing vintage shirts on Ebay and found someone from Japan selling Hamilton Ventura style watches for about $99. I need a new watch and now I don't think they are selling them anymore. Does anyone know if these are available outside ebay?
  17. Hugh Beaumont

    Need help identifying a cool golf hat..

    A few days ago I caught someone on the golf channel giving a quick interview and he was wearing a cool grey houndstooth or tweed fedora with a black hat band. It was so quick I didn't get a chance to get a good look. He looked very retro and classy, straight out of the 60's. I've done an...
  18. Hugh Beaumont

    Arg!! Tired of over-priced stuff

    We are restoring our house (my late grandfathers house from the 50's) and it is so darn expensive...:mad: I know restorations aren't cheap, but it's getting ridiculous. We don't have any structual things to change, just decor. For instance, we want to replace our front door with three window...
  19. Hugh Beaumont

    Looking for old Pulp about werewolves

    I am an independent filmmaker, and want to do a classic pulpy, 50's era werewolf film for my next project. I have a couple of ideas floating around but was wondering if any of you know of any good werewolf books from the 50's/60's in the pulp genre. Thanks!
  20. Hugh Beaumont

    Changing my 'everyday style' to that of the Golden Era?

    Well, if we want society to get back to being better dressed, it begins one person at a time. I have been wearing 50's shirts for 20 years. I normally mix vintage with modern just so I don't look completely out of place. I am one not to go back in time, but take the look of yesteryear and...

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