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  1. Doublegun

    Whites Semi-Dress work shoe. Size 12

    Selling my Whites Semi-Dress work shoes. Originally made for store clerks and assembly workers, this Depression-era boot has all the resilience of the men who inspired it. Built to face the challenge of week-in week-out wear without breaking down. Retail Price: $549.95 SPECS Model 2332HC...
  2. Doublegun

    Any audiophiles here?

    Here’s the situation: we are looking to get a sound bar for our TV. No big deal - plenty of options. I would also like to set up a turntable. Some of the sound bars have analog ports so I could take advantage of the speakers and subwoofer. Given I want the turntable (with a built in amp) so...
  3. Doublegun

    WTB: Dancing In The Rain Album

    Looking for an original soundtrack for Singing In The Rain on vinyl. Must have high condition jacket (suitable for framing). Please e-mail jaydgardner1@gmail.com. Thank you, JDG
  4. Doublegun

    Filson Bridal Leather Field Satchel/ Brief Case (Model 252)

    This decades-durable, accordion-style briefcase is made with saddle-grade Bridle Leather, tanned in the USA from North American hides. It features a lockable brass latch for security and an adjustable, removable 37"-long Bridle Leather shoulder strap. Three pockets offer organization options...
  5. Doublegun

    Aero Blackened Brown

    Im really interested in this leather and I can imagine how it will age with wear. Will someone please post photos of their blackened brown jacked that shows wear? Thank you, Doublegun
  6. Doublegun

    WTB: Westley Richards "Scotch" Bag

    Hoping one of the forum members from GB can help me. I'm looking for a Westley Richards Scotch Bag (or a similar bag). I'd prefer a vintage bag, well used is OK. Please PM. Thank you, Jay Gardner "Doublegun"
  7. Doublegun

    Aero in Blackend Brown vincinza?

    In the process of finalizing the details for an Aero Mariner. Not a black leather guy but the blackened brown is intriguing. If anyone has photos of a jacket in that leather would you please post them? From talking with Carrie at Thurston it sounds like the brown starts to show through as the...
  8. Doublegun

    FS: Aero Cafe Size 48

    Brown FQHH Cafe, size 48. Black drill lining, satin lines sleeves Flat pocket inside left Measurements: Pit-to-pit (across chest) 25-3/4 Back (base of the collar to bottom) 27-1/2 Sleeves 26" I wear a 36" sleeve dress shirt and the sleeve ends just below my wrist bone. Let me know if...
  9. Doublegun

    Aero Stockman vs Cheyenne?

    Bet this has been ask before but... What are the basic differences between the Stockman and the Cheyenne? Is one more tapered than the other? Is one longer? Pretty sure I want to order one just not sure which. Thanks, JDG
  10. Doublegun

    70's design leather coat?

    First post in a VERY long time. Have an Aero half-belt and a cafe and am now looking for a longer jacket - one I can wear over a heavy sweater - with a 70's feel vibe. Thinking Stockman, but I'm not committed to Aero. Prefer button front, deep slash pockets, non-belted, with a somewhat...
  11. Doublegun

    WTB Olive/tan 7-1/2 ~ 7-5/8 "beater"

    Looking for a daily wear, beater. Prefer olive but will consider what is available. Need 7-5/8 or a roomy 7-1/2. Tall, straight crown. Thanks, JDG
  12. Doublegun

    WTB: beater fedora

    Looking for a well-worn but clean "beater" in brown or olive, size 7-1/2 or 7-5/8. Please pm or e-mail jaydgardner1@gmail.com Thank you, JDG
  13. Doublegun

    Vintage Fountain Pen repair

    I have a very nice vintage Lifetime Balance that is a very "wet" writer. I have been looking for someone who specializes in repairing Sheaffer FP's. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks, JDG
  14. Doublegun

    Whipcord - Calvary Twill

    I recently found a box containing some of my fathers uniforms from WWII including a few pair of his calvary twill (whipcord?) trousers. Mass produced in the 40's for soldiers yet the material and workmanship is remarkable. Of course there is no way that I could fit into his trousers so I am...
  15. Doublegun

    Barbour Longshoreman Size: Large

    Selling a used, but well cared for Barbour Longshoreman. This is a very cool pull-over. Built to take rough, wet conditions. Hood and collar, two bellows pockets and one kangaroo pocket. I bought this earlier this year an haven't worn it. I am a pretty big guy (size 48-50) and the Large fits...
  16. Doublegun

    Help identifying a family crest from GB

    Recently I acquired a very fine shotgun made in London around 1907. At the toe of the stock there is a brass oval typically used for the owners initials. The oval on this gun is engraved with what appears to be a family crest or coat of arms. The engraving on the banner is worn but I believe it...
  17. Doublegun

    Allen Edmonds: Ninety Stories for Ninety Years.

    Just wanted to share a story. Last year Allen Edmonds ran a program soliciting stories about their shoes from customers. They selected ninety stories to be published in a book "Ninety Stories for Ninety Years" published this year in honor of the company's ninety year in business. Recently I...
  18. Doublegun

    Barbour Longshorman Snock

    Looking for a Barbour Longshorman in XL or XXL. Have a line on one marked Large (27.5" pit to pit) but according to the Barbour site a Large is a 46. Suggestions where I might find one? Thanks, JDG
  19. Doublegun

    Hey LA Loungers: cool film related tours in LA?

    My wife and MiL are heading to LA in mid-May and are looking for things to do involving classic old movies. Nothing too cheesy - tours by homes once owned by stars of the "golden age", locals of old landmarks, they are not interested in stuff related to today's "stars" . Suggestions? On a...
  20. Doublegun

    I want a real sweater.

    I am tired of wearing synthetic fleece for warmth, I want a serious wool sweater; One that's tough, meant to be worn outside, in the elements. One I can wear in the woods, on streams and where ever I may travel. I have all but given up on finding what I am looking for here in the states. I am...

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