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  1. BloodEagle


    Another to go - amazing jacket but hardly ever worn. LEWIS LEATHERS - AVIAKIT LIGHTNING 402 LEATHER JACKET. Size 44 , fits true to size. Made from Sheepskin, with upgraded beige zipper tape. Purchased direct from Lewis Leathers in Lobdon Oct 2021 and hardly worn since. Please do message with...
  2. BloodEagle


    Im letting a few bits go as I need to downisze ahead of a move next year., and first up is this, purchased a few months ago from @58panheadfan, who described in his posts the history and details of this jacket better than I ever could, so Im just going to copy and paste his info - I hope this is...
  3. BloodEagle

    Washing a jacket, flooding a utility room, and other mishaps.

    Hey all - I thought I'd document my experience washing a particularly objectionable leather jacket, if not for anyone else, at least for me. Last week I got an old Perfecto and it was in a real state - lining gone in a few places, holes in the pockets, zips gone etc etc. All fixable, if not to...
  4. BloodEagle

    Joe McCoy Fit Check - Opinions gratefully received

    Hello all - Unsatisfied with my last, not entirely positive, experience of hookless / vintage zippers, it seems I'm a glutton for punishment and so today I took delivery of this lovely Joe McCoy Nelson/30s Sport Jacket. If feels really comfortable, it seems to fit nicely, but I was hoping for...
  5. BloodEagle

    Hookless Zipper Hell

    Hey all - So - a tale of woe, and a plea for any advice. I sold the Freewheelers Mulholland I had for sale today, and decided to get it ready for shipping - made sure the pockets were empty and clean, made sure the lining was lint free and looking nice, and gave it a final once over to ensure...
  6. BloodEagle

    2018 Freewheelers Mullholland Sz 44

    As title - FW Mulholland in Sz 44. I got this a few weeks ago and I wanted to love it, and I sort of do - it fits great, it looks great, smells great, it is next level in terms of craftmanship, and looks stupidly cool - however I think I'm after something a little more lightweight as spring...
  7. BloodEagle

    Double Helix Works?

    Hello all - I'm sure somebody here has some experience of and/or thoughts on Double Helix Works jackets? My eye has been caught in particualr by this jacket, which the more perceptive among you may just notice bears an ever so slight resembelance to a Freewheelers Mulholland -...
  8. BloodEagle

    FS - ELMC / Eastman Californian American Walnut 46L

    More or less a catch and release on this jacket from me, purchased from Gav of this parish a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely beautiful jacket, but Ive gone and bought something a bit expensive for xmas(details of which will appear soon no doubt) and need to backfill some funds. Fits a true 46...
  9. BloodEagle

    The Real McCoys Buco J24L Sz 44

    FS - My beloved Real McCoys Buco J24L Sz 44 / L - Stupidly cool looking leather jacket. Includes mouton collar. The Shinki 'teacore' leather is showing slightly through at the usual points - with a bit more wear and breaking in this will start to look even more awesome. Now realistically too...
  10. BloodEagle

    Detailed photos - Vintage Buco J-22

    As requested in my hastily aborted for-sale/trade thread, here are some detailed pictures of the jacket in question. Interesting to see how its construction differs from , but also in what ways it is the same as, my McCoys Buco J24L. It is much more comfortable to wear than the modern version...
  11. BloodEagle

    Vintage Buco-J22, Sz 44. FT or maybe FS

    Putting this up to see if there’s any interest in trades at present - absolutely phenomenal vintage Buco J-22 from the late 40s/v early 50s I think. In unreal condition given its 70+ yr age - so much so that some may remember when I showed it off here many doubted that it could possibly be...
  12. BloodEagle

    Fine Creek Leather Leon Custom Sz 44

    Hello all - As title, Fine Creek Leathers Leon Custom (comes without the epaulets and belt, or cutoff parts) in Sz 44. Fits like a 42(or more accurately a 43 if such a size where commonplace) so is now realistically a bit too small for my 6'2 frame. Really cool looking jacket, purchased last...
  13. BloodEagle

    New Aero CXL FQHH - Any seasoned CXL wearers out there that can help?

    Hey all - Today I took delivery of this lovely item - an Aero 'Seven' jacket in their natural CXL FQHH. To say Im impressed with the finish and general quality (not to mention the smell) is an understatement - it seems so well put together and is such a lovely colour in person. Now, heres my...
  14. BloodEagle

    The Real McCoys Buco J-100 44

    For sale - The Real McCoys Buco J100 in hard to find size 44. In good condition, The Shinki horsehide has developed some light patina through use with cool looking teacore showing through at the usual spots. Lining immaculate, zippers and pulls all good. Selling because I only ever wear my other...
  15. BloodEagle

    FS : Ironheart Type III IH-526-142 Jacket - Size 42/XL

    As title, bought new from Rivet & Hide in April or possibly May of this year (I cant remember exactly which), and worn very very little since. Ive decided it is just a little too big for me. Gently hand soaked once, in perfect condition and a beautiful jacket. £230 shipped in the UK, will send...
  16. BloodEagle

    New old Buco J22 pics

    Hey all, Some of you may remember a few days ago I was asking for opinion of a 50s Buco which I had spotted for sale at what seemed a decent price. Well, it arrived yesterday, I've been getting to grips with it (literally, it's like armour - the heaviest jacket I've ever come across), and I...
  17. BloodEagle

    FS/FT - The Flat Head Horsehide Rider's Jacket - WRJ-53B XL/44

    For sale - The Flat Head Riders jacket - purchased from Rivet & Hide last October - worn out less then 5 times, in immaculate condition with no rips, marks, smells etc etc. Absolutely beautiful Shinki HH, one of the nicest jackets Ive had the pleasure to own - I expect never to be able to find...
  18. BloodEagle

    What do any of you make of this..

    Has anyone any thoughts on this as regards price, condition, desirability etc etc ? Seems pretty cheap compared to some that Ive seen, but then those that Ive seen have probably hung around unsold because theyre too pricey...
  19. BloodEagle

    Value of decent condition 50s Buco d-pocket?

    Hello all - Obviously demand sets the price etc but can anyone give an idea of what you might generally pay for a decent condition original unmodified 50s Buco J-something?
  20. BloodEagle

    Buzz Rickson Tanker Jacket Sz 44

    Buzz Rickson Tanker Jacket Type 2 - Size 44. Seriously cool jacket purchased very recently but just not the right size for me, unfortunately. Comes with tags, hardly worn and in literally immaculate condition - just wish it fit me. Save big bucks on the retail price for the same thing...

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