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  1. SpeedRcrX

    This is all Superfluous' fault ;-)

    I know, I know it's been more than a year since I posted something on the lounge, sorry, life is quite hetic... But I have a good reason to come back! In 2018, Craig aka @Superfluous posted a new Cross-zip by RMC in wool with leather trims. I like the concept a lot but it is RMC, meaning it's...
  2. SpeedRcrX

    Custom Aero B3

    For this winter, I wanted to order a shearling jacket. But living in the south of France we don't have a lot of really cold days (about 3 to 4 weeks) so I don't need a really, really warm jacket. Because of this, at first, I was looking for a B6. I liked it a lot but I was always eyeing the...
  3. SpeedRcrX

    Himel Bros Kensington

    For a while, I searched for a cafe racer jacket, I really liked the Buco J-100 because of the simple design. First, I considered the RMC version, but the lack of customs measurements disqualified this choice (damn my short arms...), then I ordered a Diamond Dave J-100, I was really satisfied...
  4. SpeedRcrX

    For Sale : Custom Aero Sheene

    For sale, my 1.5 year old Aero Sheene : - Black Vincenza - 3 zipped pocket (chest pocket on the left) - Nickel hardware - Highland Granite Pink Heavy Weight Tartan - Rust thread for the stitching - No kidney panel - Sleeves in two pieces instead of three Measurements: Pit to pit 22.83 in Back...
  5. SpeedRcrX

    Diamond Dave Buco J-100

    I'm selling my Buco J-100 from Diamond Dave in Shinki HH tea core black. I got it in February, nothing wrong with the jacket but I lost weight and the jacket is now too big. It's a size 46 with modified sleeves length. The measurements are : Pit to pit 60 cm / 23.6 in Sleeves 60 cm / 23.6 in...
  6. SpeedRcrX

    1083 - made in France jeans

    I purchase shorts jeans recently from a young company called 1083. http://www.1083.fr/ 1083 km separate the two most distant cities of France. The company is based at Romans (Drôme) near where I live. Their motto is to weave, dye and sew in France. Only the cotton and hardware (buttons, nails)...
  7. SpeedRcrX

    Diamond Clothing Co Buco J-100

    Just before last Christmas, I contacted Dave about the possibility of making me a J-100. I'm his first female customer and he agreed to make a J-100 for a woman. I gave him the measurements he asked, a photo of me wearing my Sheene so he could have an idea of my body shape and nothing else...
  8. SpeedRcrX

    FS: Pegasus Luftwaffe, TNO Surrogates and Redskins Cafe Racer

    I'm selling three jackets. First a Pegasus Luftwaffe sz42 with shortened sleeves in Horsehide vintage black. The actual measurements : Chest: 56cm / 22in Back length : 61cm / 24in Sleeves 59,5cm / 23.4in I'm asking 300€ + shipping Second my TNO Surrogates in cowhide The actual...
  9. SpeedRcrX

    Custom Aero Sheene

    I was so happy with the Schackleton Vest Aero made me, I asked them if they could make a jacket that fit me as perfectly as the Schackleton. Holly asked Sam one of their pattern technician, the author of my modified Schackleton if it was possible and she said yes, no problem to work on a...
  10. SpeedRcrX

    Penman LC Beaver Fedora sz 22"1/8

    I'm selling my LC beaver hat from John Penman, it's a size 22" 1/8. I ask $250 + shipping There is no hat box, John didn't offer them when I ordered I barely wear it, just a few time, here some photos Those photos are from 2009 And photos from now
  11. SpeedRcrX

    Aero made me a Lady Shackleton vest

    I always liked vest and waistcoat, but I often found women waistcoats are fit for top models (which I’m not….) or way too revealing. The ones that fits, are sporty vest or are for “grandmother”. So I decided to ask Aero if they were willing to make a lady version of their Shackleton. Holly told...
  12. SpeedRcrX

    For Sale : The Unbranded Brand UB221 size 34

    I'm selling a pair of brand new THE UNBRANDED BRAND jeans The model is UB221. It's a tapered fit. Made in 21oz raw selvedge denim. These have never been worn. They have one wash in cold water. I'm selling them because they don't fit me. The actual measurement are : Waist : 44...
  13. SpeedRcrX

    BK Surrogates/Californian jacket

    I just receive my Surrogates jacket. I LOVE it! I choose the Liberty HH in seal brown with tartan lining. This is the first HH that is supple right from the start, the break in will be quite easy. The craftsmanship is really good, on par with the other premium jackets makers. To compare...
  14. SpeedRcrX

    Wested raiders and TN Surrogates jackets

    I'm selling 2 jackets. Wested Raiders in washed goat http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Wested-Indy-Jacket-sz-44-/321606350638?pt=FR_V%C3%AAtements_pour_hommes&hash=item4ae13b772e and Tony Nowak Surrogates jacket in cowhide...
  15. SpeedRcrX

    LW Peacoat in goatskin after a 1 year

    Last month, I promised peacoat to post some photos of my LW peacoat after a year and 3 months.
  16. SpeedRcrX

    My Pegasus Luftwaffe

    Hello everybody! At the beginning of September I ordered a Luftwaffe jacket from Kevin at Pegasus. As always it was pleasure to talk to Kevin. He contacted me today to say my jacket was ready to be ship and to expect it before this weekend. He also sent me this sneak peek : I can't wait...
  17. SpeedRcrX

    Aero 1930's Half Belt

    I'm selling my 2 years old Aero 1930's half belt in brown FQHH size 40 The only alterations are: - corduroy lining for the pockets - bi-swing back - the Stuart of Bute Modern Tartan lining. - sleeves length 23 inch I'm asking 469 € + shipping. THANK YOU for looking.
  18. SpeedRcrX

    G&B Hudson Police Coat owners ???

    Is there someone here that own a Hudson Police Coat from G&B. I would like to see a photo of someone wearing it. There is only a photo on their website and it don't show how it fit on a person. In advance, thank you.
  19. SpeedRcrX

    Pegasus Durable Clothing - D-Pocket Lady Model

    It's been a week and a half that I received my new jacket from Pegasus Durable Clothing. When I saw that Kevin have a prototype of his infamous D-Pocket for woman I contacted him immediately. Most of the time I can't buy women jack off-rack. They don't fit me. So Kevin agreed to make one for...
  20. SpeedRcrX

    My Aero 1930's Half Belt

    I got the jacket while I was in Dublin; it was the only thing to make me want to come home so soon. The jacket (made by Janet) is outstanding and the fit spot on! It's slightly longer than it should be because I'm always cold on my lower back during winter :D The only alterations are...

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