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  1. Rabbit

    FS: Montecristi Panama hat 58cm 2.5" brim 250wpsi by Panama Bob X Tumwater Hats

    lower-count 250wpsi Montecristi for sale Measures exactly 58.0cm sweatband circumference. Veg tanned leather sweatband sourced by Tumwater hats. Body sourced by Panama Bob ca. 2014, blocked by Tumwater hats same year. Nice and clean Monti, cost me €240 new Offering for a quick sale at €80...
  2. Rabbit

    Nik's vintage 1930s leather jacket sale size 36-38

    *********** PICTURE-HEAVY THREAD *********** I'm unloading my 1930s original vintage leather collection as I'm moving to a new location where such an abundance of clothes would be a hindrance. This is my core collection of 1930s originals, the best of what I have been able to procure over many...
  3. Rabbit

    FS: six 1910s-50s vtg hats in timetravel condition size US 7 1/4 incl bulk offer

    I'm offering up for sale six vintage hats that have one thing in common: The condition is that of a time-travel souvenir. Except the Foster Brs Bowler has a beautifully aged, supple sweatband. All hats are size US 7 1/4 and will fit a 57.3-57.5cm head best. Best case scenario would be that...
  4. Rabbit

    FS: Aero Barnstormer black CRXST Size 36

    This is an older, nicely broken-in Barnstormer tagged size S which equals size 36 in Aero's Barnstormer sizing which, as you probably know, is larger than their normal 1930s models such as the 30s halfbelts. This one I have already listed on ebay, auction ends in just over two days. Happy to...
  5. Rabbit

    FS: Aero Sunburst tumbled brown CXFQHH Size 38

    Bought this from the Aero sale page back in 2019 as new and Apprentice-made. Never worn, safely hung in closet ever since. Excellent condition inside and out. Olive twill cotton liner. Brass hardware. Very nice shade of brown chromexcel with warm-reddish undertones. Very good stitch work...
  6. Rabbit

    FS: 2003 Levi's LVC x Aero Rockabilly Size S (36)

    I bought this from the Aero sale page in 2019, see screenshot at the bottom of all the images below. If you know the model, then you know. Interestingly, Aero sold this jacket as "goatskin". And I thought these had been made in jerky horse. Of course I haven't handled a lot of jerky hides nor...
  7. Rabbit

    FS: 2001 Levi's LVC x Aero Thunderbird with print removed, size S

    This is the original Aero and Levis collaboration Thunderbird jacket that used to have the Thunderbird screenprint on the back. I removed it carefully with acetone and fed the hide with a colourless cream. The result is really good in my opinion. I was going back and forth between keeping and...
  8. Rabbit

    FS: Eastman repro 1942 R.A.F. Irvin 1942 pattern Size 38 reg

    The 1942 model of Eastman in size 38 regular. Bought from the original owner who barely wore it. Hung in my closet ever since, lovely jacket, reason for selling is I'm moving house and need to downsize, plain and simple. Condition is excellent. Very minor and very few chips off the coating of...
  9. Rabbit

    FS: two high count Montecristi Panama fedoras blocked by Art Fawcett size 57.5cm

    Montecristi hats blocked by Art Fawcett back in ca. 2014 These are high count and of clear ivory colour. I've been off the market for nearly a decade for these, not sure if there are any master weavers left who do these high counts. They take several months to weave one body. If you've done any...
  10. Rabbit

    FS: six VS custom hats by Art Fawcett size 57.5cm

    All of these are in Art's LITE beaver felts. All of these are blocked on the 52 type block that Art had been using for nearly all of my VS hats. The brim width is also 2 3/8" across all of them, as before. All of these are practically unworn (too many hats...). The width of the ribbon is...
  11. Rabbit

    FS: Aero Leathers x Levis LVC Thunderbird leather jacket Lederjacke Sz. 36 (S)

    On eBay, but happy to deal through here. PM me if interested. Item located in Germany, so mostly of interest to European buyers but I'll ship anywhere. https://www.ebay.de/itm/274729969322
  12. Rabbit

    FS: early 50s German suit size 36-38

    early 50s German suit €75 plus shipping from Germany (€6 within Germany, €15 within EU, €40 ground shipped or €56 premium shipped to U.S.) The original owner bought and wore it as his wedding suit. Base colour is charcoal, the stripes are blue and cream. The suit was clearly tailor-made and...
  13. Rabbit

    FS: Three Borsalino hats size 7 1/8

    Two vintage 1950s Borsalino plus the 2011 Borsalino "Film". Package deals welcome. All of them are size 7 1/8 and fit accordingly. All of them are in very good condition, sweatbands are intact all around. Please see pics. Borsalino 1950s Etrusgu - Condor c. blenda Etrusgu = model name Condo =...
  14. Rabbit

    Nik's leather jacket sale vintage and repro brands sizes 36 and 38

    On eBay. More to come, some 7 1/8 and 7 1/4 hats, some 36-38 jackets. Simmons Bilt Drifter halfbelt steerhide leather jacket Sz 38 https://www.ebay.de/itm/274517469798 Westride goatskin halfbelt Sz 38: https://www.ebay.de/itm/274517484606 Aero Barnstormer Sz S (fits like a 36 Aero tagged...
  15. Rabbit

    FS: 7 Simon James Cathcart SJC trousers & 7 Luxire vintage repro trousers size 40-42

    All have been worn but still lots of life left, some have small repairs. The marks at the cuffs are caused by the hangers, will disappear after the next wash. 1) The SJC trousers: Price is €35 each or €200 for all seven SJC trousers. Salt n pepper grey chambray 15oz cotton work trousers 1930s...
  16. Rabbit

    FS: Albam heavy gauge cotton shawl neck raglan cardigan size XL

    This one came from their third year in business when Albam (London) concentrated on vintage styles. The perfect heavy shawl collar with the looks of the old hard-finished wool but made in cotton (it's nearly impossible to find heavy wool knitwear with that level of fiber integrity aka no fluff)...
  17. Rabbit

    FS: eighteen (!) Simon James Cathcart XL polo shirts many colours of five different collections

    If you know SJC then you know the quality of their polos. All of these are size XL and I'm offering them for: €25 each €120 for a set of five €400 for the lot, all 18 shirts tracked shipping within EU from Germany €20 up to 5kg, €23 up to 10kg The less batches/shipments, the better. Also...
  18. Rabbit

    FS: Original D-1 by S.H. Knopf 1943 contract, heavily patched and modded, size medium

    Measurements to follow in the next few days, it's a standard size medium D-1 which fits a size 40. The jacket is still structurally intact but fragile. Beautiful display piece at any rate. Although it's still possible to wear the jacket, I don't think it will take much for the hide to develop...
  19. Rabbit

    1930s-40s vintage leather jackets and more - sizes 36-38

    1930s 1940s Finnish horsehide leather jacket Sz 36 jacket chest pit to pit 20" back length excl. collar 24" shoulder width at widest point between seams 17.25" sleeve length 23.5" Excellent condition, leather is supple. Liner clean, patch repair to liner bottom. Front zipper is a replacement...
  20. Rabbit

    1930s-40s vintage archive sale, sizes 36-40

    All measurements in inches with the fabric fully extended but not stretched. Prices in British pounds. Sizes given are my estimates. Some fairly rare pieces in here. If you need additional pics, let me know by PM. Payment via PayPal. Shipping within EU is GBP 16.- up to 5kg, GBP 20 up to 10kg...

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