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  1. Graemsay

    Highwayman Virginian

    Aero posted their new Highwayman Virginian on their Instagram feed earlier. It's their 59er jacket, but with a fringe, based on the original Rivetts Highwayman Virginian. So who is getting one?
  2. Graemsay

    Himel Bros Wolverine

    The Grizzly is described as weirdly cool, and built to fit out, not fit in.
  3. Graemsay

    Himel Bros Peregrin

    There's a new Himel Bros video up featuring the Peregrin, a two-tone, cross zip jacket.
  4. Graemsay

    New Aero Designs

    Ken is in self-isolation, but he's spent his time creating a few new designs for Aero. The new D-pocket looks good, but I don't think that the bandana will stop the Coronavirus!
  5. Graemsay

    Kingsman x Mister Freedom Leather Jacket

    I agree with @high-maintenance that the new Kingsman film isn't as good as the first, but there are some great clothes in it. Pedro Pascal's character, Whiskey, got to rock what's probably the coolest piece, a black leather jacket. Turns out that this is a modified Mister Freedom Campus...
  6. Graemsay


    Mr Porter have made a video about the Japanese leather jacket brand Blackmeans. It's probably not to this forum's tastes, but I figured it might be of interest.
  7. Graemsay

    New Good Wear Cossack pattern

    John has just listed a Cossack jacket on his sales page. It's already been sold, unfortunately not to me. It's off a Security Aviation Togs pattern from 1932. Unusually for a Good Wear, it's unlined. I like it a lot. Were I to get one, I'd ask for the patch pockets to be replaced by...
  8. Graemsay

    Armoured Aero Leathers Café Racer

    There's a Café Racer in the Aero Leathers sale section that has been fitted with armour pockets. I don't know if this was a factory or third party modification, but it's a similar idea to the armoured Lewis Leathers jackets discussed a few weeks back.
  9. Graemsay

    Visit to Aero Leathers

    I'm over in the UK for a few weeks, and since my family lives near the Aero Leathers factory, I figured it'd be rude not to take a look. This is where the magic happens. :) This Board Racer was awesome, but was about one size small for me. It's made from a blue-black Horween hide. I'm...
  10. Graemsay

    New Aero Leather Reversible Jacket

    I used to be a fan of the Waterfront, and it looks like the Reversible Sports Jacket will be its replacement. Aero posted this image to Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and I like it. The only trouble is that I don't think it gets cold enough here in Melbourne to justify one.
  11. Graemsay

    A Visual Guide to Good Wear Jackets

  12. Graemsay

    How warm is the A2 and M422 / G1?

    I'm currently trying to sort out an order with John Chapman for a jacket. OK, I have been for a while, but we've both been variously occupied with other things, and I'm the world's most indecisive person. I'd originally been thinking about an M422 or G1 style jacket, but saw an old thread...
  13. Graemsay

    Aero Baseball Jacket

    I saw this on the Aero sales page earlier, and since no-one's mentioned it, I figured that I'd post it. Incidentally it's a 38 to 40 long (sorry Worf and Butte :D), and I'm sure that Holly will sort you out if you want it. I think that it's stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing the final...
  14. Graemsay

    Alexander Leathers

    The Alexander Leathers website has gone live. The jackets look good, and the introductory prices are keen. I'm liking the Nebraska and Four Pocket Roadster.
  15. Graemsay

    Is That Fedora For You?

    From Indexed.
  16. Graemsay

    A2 "inspired" motorcycle jacket

    Motolegends are selling a Spidi jacket that's allegedly inspired by the A2. Err, they haven't got it quite right, have they. :D Still, it's preferable to some of the Power Ranger kit, but not for me.
  17. Graemsay

    Size 52 Cossack

    I've got an enormous Aero Leather Cossack that's up for grabs if anyone's interested. It's a size 52 with an inch or two added. It's always been on the big side, but I'm about 10 kg (1 1/2 stones) lighter than when I got it, so it really drowns me now. The jacket was modified to have a double...
  18. Graemsay

    Lodger Shoe Sale

    Lodger Shoes have recently been bought out by their sister company, Lutwyche, and the brand is being retired. They're currently having a clear out the remaining Lodger stock, so if you're after a new pair of shoes then take a look at the sale page: http://www.lodgerfootwear.com/shoes/lodger...
  19. Graemsay

    Morgan Three Wheeler

    The Morgan Three Wheeler is making a comeback. Shark teeth are strictly optional. :D More details at Pistonheads, and the official site should go fully live in a few days.
  20. Graemsay

    Lodger Shoes

    I stumbled across Lodger shoes on a blog a couple of weeks ago, and took a look at their range at their shop on Clifford Street in London. If you go looking for it, they're in the Lutwyche & Lodger store. I missed it the first time I went past. The Lodger style seems to be classic with a...

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