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    "Sweet Smell of Success" Dialogue Question

    Even though I've seen the 1957 Burt Lancaster-Tony Curtis movie, Sweet Smell of Success (1957) dozens of times and pretty much know it by heart, there's one line of dialogue I've never completely understood. In J.J. Hunsecker's secretary's office, Sidney Falco (Curtis) gets to read...
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    Your Favorite Paintings

    I've recently delved into my longtime but never-fully-explored interest in art and so I'm discovering much to enjoy. I'm getting the same passionate interest in art as I have in music and film. So, I'd be interested in knowing what my fellow Loungers' favorite paintings are. I'm personally...
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    Movie Characters You Fear You'll Become

    Have you ever seen a film and identify with one of the characters for all the "wrong" reasons? I was enjoying the 2009 Woody Allen opus, Whatever Works but winced at the possibility that my current "track" may well lead me to Boris Yellnikoff territory. I haven't had that jarring realization...
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    The World of Franz Kafka

    I've recently developed an interest in 1920s author Franz Kafka and in addition to reading his works, I'm also fascinated with the atmosphere of 1920s Europe, and I'm searching for imagery that resembles the kind of thing I imagine looking like Orson Welles' The Third Man and of course, The...
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    Question for Lounge Music Experts

    Does anyone you know the title of the lounge-sounding tune used (the main melody is heard from 0:34-0:44) in this Midnight in Paris TV spot promo? I've heard in tracked in numerous commercials and shows over the years but have never been able to determine the song's title. The video has "Young...
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    R.E.M. Calls it Quits

    I'm posting this thread here because I don't want to anger all the Paul Whiteman fans. ;) R.E.M., a group that meant quite a lot to teenaged me from 1985-1990 has decided to call it a day after thirty-one years. I jumped ship on the band after "Losing My Religion" became a hit because they...
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    Childhood, Today's Kids...and The Goonies

    I found the following post in an IMDB thread for 1985 movie, The Goonies: "The Goonies is one of my favorite movies. I can only dream about doing half as many things as these kids do in this movie. I love the outdoors, I love being on my bike, I love exploring, and I love hanging out with...
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    Should TCM Air More Foreign Films?

    Seeing as Turner Classic Movies is *the* best place on TV to see classic, uncut movies and seeing as there aren't any channels dedicated to foreign and/or art films, since IFC is crap and chock full of commercials and Sundance sticks to mostly contemporary indie stuff, would anyone besides me...
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    Your Five Favorite Woody Allen Movies--and Why

    Subject to change, but this is how it stands currently: 1. Hannah and Her Sisters--A happy ending for a change and the best ensemble cast Woody ever put together. I particularly liked Max Von Sydow's societal rant; my wife once feared that I'd become like that... 2. Love & Death-...
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    The "Censored 11" Cartoons Coming to DVD

    From TVshowsondvd.com: "The Censored Eleven": in case you're not familiar with the term, this is a group of 11 shorts in the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies lineups which have been withheld from circulation since the late '60s, due to racial depictions that are considered offensive by modern...
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    Johnny Staccato to DVD Oct 12, 2010

    Okay fellow crime jazz aficionados! The 1959-60 TV show Johnny Staccato, is due out on DVD October 12! John Cassavetes starred as the private eye who moonlighted as a Jazz pianist--or was that the other way around? Anyway, this is a big deal to me and I can't wait! I do hope they change the...
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    Ladies: Do You Like Comic Books?

    When I was a kid and would frequent my local comic book store, I could not help but notice the lack of girls in the store--other than the women rendered on the comic covers and posters, of course. However, as recently as the mid-'90s, I've seen many women who are into comics and who work at said...
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    The Phantom Comic Strip

    Recently I've rediscovered some comic strip clippings of The Phantom that I've had from around 1985-86. I became interested in reading the missing chapters (of which there were many) and in the process I've accumulated nearly sixty complete stories (dailies) of the Phantom comic strip!!! I...
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    "Over Here: NYC During WWII"

    This looks like an interesting read for Loungers: Lorraine B. Diehl's book Over Here: New York City During World War II. Here's the blurb: More than any other place, New York was the center of action on the home front during World War II. As Hitler came to power in Germany, American Nazis...
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    Great Robert Benchley Article

    Here's a fine entry by Matthew Coniam of the excellent Movietone News blog. It's about as thorough a retrospective as we'll ever get on the late, *great* Robert Benchley. The Magnificent Mr. Benchley
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    The Ernest Hemingway Thread

    Tell us about your entry into "Papa's World"! How long have you been reading his works? What do you like about Ernest Hemingway's writings? How about his life? Do you think his personal life was more interesting than his fiction? Have you grown a beard? Which stage of the author's life and...
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    How Popular WAS This Song, Anyway?

    "The Music Goes Round and Round", that is. It gets referenced in After the Thin Man (1936) when Nick is playing with a toy saxophone in the Lichee Club and Curly Howard paraphrases it in 1936's Three Stooges short film Half-Shot Shooters with (what seems to be) a brilliant improvisation...
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    Beloved Comic Books--The Uncanny X-Men

    The arrival of Summer--at least where I live-- has inspired me to once again read some favorite comics. I just got an Uncanny X-Men Marvel Masterworks in the mail--the Claremont-Byrne run- #111-121-- and the upgrade in color and paper quality will no doubt help me to better enjoy the stories and...
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    Icons of Screwball Comedy Aug 4, 2009

    For those of us who love Screwball Comedy, August 4 will see the release of some choice films, including (synopses are from an Amazon reviewer). I'm excited about Theodora Goes Wild, Too Many Husbands, and A Night To Remember. Theodora Goes Wild (1936) - Irene Dunne is part of the leading...
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    Actors Whose Careers Were Not Fully Realized

    Judy Holliday comes to mind. An Oscar winner for Born Yesterday (1950) but only a handful of movies afterwards. She died of cancer in 1965, age 43. Who're yours?

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