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  1. indycop

    Peters Bros. 7 5/8 for sale.

    Peters Bros. custom $200 shipped. Rich darker brown than showing due to sunlight.
  2. indycop

    FS: VS 7 5/8 granite.

    I've lost too much weight so it doesn't fit anymore. A very special creation by Art Fawcett to remember 9-11 and the officers who lost their lives. The ribbon has 9 folds and the twin towers in gray also make the 11. $300 shipped in continental U.S.
  3. indycop

    FS: Akubra CampDraft size 61 Silverbelly.

    $100 shipped in US. Ribbon changed and no liner. More tan than silverbelly.
  4. indycop

    FS: Akubra CampDraft size 61, Glen Grey.

    $100 shipped in US. Ribbon changed and no liner.
  5. indycop

    FS: VS Dark Moss size 7 5/8

    I haven't worn my hats much these days so I thought I'd put this one up here. I figure it would go to a good home here. $275 shipped in the continental US.
  6. indycop

    AdventureBilt 7 5/8 SOLD

    Adventurebilt reblocked by Steve a couple years ago to the CS crease, worn very few times. I just don't wear it so here it is $320 with shipping. Will not go lower. There is nothing wrong with this hat at all.:)
  7. indycop

    Rest in Peace Colby Jack

    Just thought I would let everyone know Colby Jack lost his battle with cancer. :( I do not know any details other than it happened within the past day or so. He had gotten to where he could not email me anymore, but I found out on his facebook page.
  8. indycop

    Anyone been to Hatman Jack's in Whichita?

    If I get the leave approved we will be going to Wichita in late March. My brother in law said he will take me to Hatman Jack's and I am wondering if anyone has been there. Also how cold can I expect it to be in late March, do I need a mad bomber hat?
  9. indycop

    Colby Jack

    I am posting this in hats because that is where he posts most often, If that is not appropriate then Please move to correct spot. This is to let those wondering about him know what's going on. I had not heard from CJ for a bit so I called him to see how he is doing. I got no answer so I...
  10. indycop

    Fedora Lounge Event Monteagle 2010

    For those that may be interested in going check the thread in the events section. I know a lot of us don't get out of the hats section much so just lettin you know it's there.:) Bartender's if this is not kosher feel free to remove.:)
  11. indycop

    A sea of police hats.

    I know there is a criminal hats thread, so I thought maybe one for the good guys. This is not a call for all the cop haters to come out. I just think these are cool pics.:) These are from the funeral of the officers in Washington. There were over 20,000 officers there including 1,000...
  12. indycop

    Dave Brown Hats

    Anyone heard of them? Unless I read this wrong, He claims to have made the Public Enemies hat that we all know was made by Optimo! http://www.davebrownhats.com/about_f.html Click on clients then Johnny Depp and read what it says in the picture.!!!:eek:
  13. indycop

    The ultimate folding hat.

    My daughter recently went on a field trip to the world of nations. When she got home she showed me her hat she picked from the Jamaica exhibit. I thought nothing of it until I saw it completely folded like a fan! Anyway I thought it was cool so here ya go. Flat. partially open...
  14. indycop

    Akubra brim cut and binding.

    The plan was to get a Tawny Fed and send it to Optimo to get it trimmed to 2 5/8 and have a wide binding put on. Well somewhere along the way I got this crazy idea to try it myself. I was going to wait until everything was finished either by myself or Optimo but figured this would keep me from...
  15. indycop

    2 more Akubras, crease advice please!

    Here is my Mid Brown Campdraft and Sorrel Tan Boss of the Plains. I am Pretty sure I will stick with the diamond on the campdraft, the problem is mainly the Boss (isn't it always?). I knew what I wanted to do with it but just could not get it there. So here are a few attempts at some creases...
  16. indycop

    Interesting article about Mike Moore.

  17. indycop

    Acme pens, are they any good?

    I am considering getting a real pen and have no experience with any thing past a Pilot gel.:rolleyes: I looked at several Cross, Monteverde ( I think), and many more. I liked the look of the Acmes and the price was not too bad. So I guess my question is how are they?:)
  18. indycop

    Buckaroo Hatters TRIPLE THREAT!

    These are all customs and all from Mike Moore.:D First my oldest daughter's hat. She opened it last night since she did not want to wait til this morning. A Dark brown, bound brim with a simple center dent. I did not think it would look that good with just a center dent but I think it does...
  19. indycop

    Akubra Fed versus Fed Deluxe?

    With the prices being right at this time I am seriously considering ordering a Federation. I prefer the Tawny fawn color of the regular fed but have always thought the deluxe was supposed to be soo much better. My question is, Is the felt and quality of the deluxe that much better that I...
  20. indycop

    Interesting old Akubra article

    Found this old article looking around online and thought it neat with all the Akubra interest going on right now.:) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/15562/newsDate/19-Apr-2002/story.htm

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