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    Any members in Switzerland and own an ANJ4?

    Any members in Switzerland and own an ANJ4?
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    Real McCoys > all others. Why?

    I’ve been looking at a lot of old posts about sheepskin jackets (b3s Anj4s etc) from early 2000s and my impression is that a vast majority thought/think that RM make/made (apparently their NZ business shut down) the best sheepskin jackets. Why is RM revered so highly? What made their products...
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    Other than Eastman, who makes a B2 flying cap?

    Couple questions: Other than Eastman, who makes a B2 flying cap? Seems a relatively simple design so unlikely but, are there any major differences between the makers caps? if you have one, can you please post some pictures of you (or others wearing) one of these caps?
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    ANJ4 and the like, 1/2 panel impacts bunching up under arms

    On a jacket like the ANJ4, some makers use one panel for the back (LW) others (like AERO) use 2. I also notice that on many of the photos where people are wearing the jackets, there is a sort of bunching up and sticking out/up/bulging from excess material on the back around the arm pits. Trying...
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    Custom ANJ4 makers

    So I'd like to have an ANJ4 made for me but with some amendments to the usual specs. Merino fleece, two way zipper and buttons on the bottom like Aero or Eastman do sometimes. Can you suggest any top quality makers that would be worth talking to?
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    Anyone had trouble with jacket sizing since most makers are mail order?

    Hi Guys, I spoke to a gent at LW about getting an ANJ4 and he said that they use Height and weight. Perhaos this works for the average body type but it certainly wont work for the unusual body types. From the conversation, it didnt seem like any other adjustments or measurements are taken from...
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    Does anyone make a merino Anj4

    Hey All, Do any of the makers make the ANJ4 in merino? I’m thinking it should help with the fit and flexibility of the jacket. Plus, I guess it will be thinner and lighter and probably not sacrifice (much) on the warmth. what do you think?
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    ANJ4, the dream. Lost Worlds vs Eastman

    Hey all, So I'm finally in a position to get myself one of these but the question is, which of the two? The only differentiator was that it seemed Eastman were making these with two buttons at the bottom (ease of sitting down with the jacket still zipped up) but i don't think they are doing this...
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    Introducing myself and a Simmons Bilt question

    Hi All, Wanted a B3 for about 5 years now but never looked into it too seriously. Eastman was the only company i knew about and their jackets used to be much too expensive for me to afford. I am finally in the position to get one of these now and probably also a "regular" leather jacket Since...

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