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  1. Flitcraft

    New Chuck Yeager Book...

    Or, atleast new to me: Chuck Yeager and the Bell X-1by Dominick A. Pisano. Found it at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Loaded with pictures of flight jackets (which is why I post this here) as well as pics of the whole project to usher in the age of jet flight. If you're...
  2. Flitcraft

    "Harry Black & The Tiger" DVD ????

    Does anyone know of a DVD source for this 1958 film starring Stewart Granger? Been looking for it for quite some time, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Flitcraft


    If anyone is currently looking for a seersucker suit, Jos. A. Banks is having a sale...... www.josbank.com Might find something you like!
  4. Flitcraft

    Homburg Alert!

    Dear Fellow Loungers! If you are in the market for a size 7 1/4 homburg, there are currently several vintage models for sale on the 'Bay. These are not my auctions and if I were not so well-endowed in the cranial department, I would be swooping them up for myself. To the Bartenders: I...
  5. Flitcraft

    "Churchill's Bodyguard"

    Anyone here familar with a recent documentary titled: "Churchill's Bodyguard"? I happened to see the DVD set in Barnes & Noble, but I've never heard of it. When I checked Amazon's website, there weren't any customer reviews, which I found pretty strange. The documentary supposedly tells the...
  6. Flitcraft

    Film Noir... with a French Twist.....

    If you're currently suffering from Noir withdrawls and you're looking for something with a little different flavor, I'd encourage you to see Bob le Flambeur,Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge- all directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Melville was a Frenchman with an affinity for all things American-...
  7. Flitcraft

    What's Wrong with This Picture?

    On the thread about the "Steve McQueen Great Escape Jacket" some posters mentioned that McQueen's outfit in this film was inaccurate because of the blue sweatshirt and "stovepipe" trousers. I'm not an expert on WWII uniforms, so I don't know, but why is McQueen's outfit inaccurate? What are...
  8. Flitcraft

    NEW DVD's

  9. Flitcraft

    Hat Sale!

    Hartford York is having a hat sale- usually they're pretty pricey, but there are some bargains to be had. Check out their website: www.hartfordyork.com
  10. Flitcraft

    New Book on Early Aviation....

    There's a new biography out about aviation pioneer Eddie Rickenbacker. Its well researched and a pretty balanced depiction. Definitely worth a look if you're interseted in The Great War, Early Aviation or even just a neglected period of American history. Its not The Aviator, but it is...
  11. Flitcraft

    A Little Inspiration....

    The Aviator himself- HH: Hmmm.....wonder if he bought that jacket at Aero?
  12. Flitcraft

    Anyone familiar with this cap?

    Looks pretty cool- but they want 120 semoleans?
  13. Flitcraft

    Emperor of The North

    Anyone familiar with this film? Worth a look? [/IMG]
  14. Flitcraft

    Alternate "Black Tie" question. . .

    Does anyone know the correct name for the substitute black tie look that Kevin Spacey is sporting as Bobby Darrin in his new movie. It sort of looks like he has folded the ends of his black tie under the edges of his shirt collar, but thats not it. Sorry for the poor description, but I'm not...
  15. Flitcraft

    The Continuing Perils of Fedora Wearing. . .

    Just a humourous episode to brighten your day. . . Its been raining pretty heavily where I live, so I've been wearing an old Indy jacket and a fedora pretty much every day for the last two weeks. I also have been using a very old flat fender Jeep as my daily driver because it seems immune to...
  16. Flitcraft

    Question Regarding Shirt colors. . .

    Just finished watching Saboteur and White Heat and have a question regarding wearing black dress shirts: Was that a common look, outside of Hollywood and the Silver Screen, that is? In Saboteur, Robert Cummings looked like he was wearing a dark brown shirt with a repp striped tie. In White...
  17. Flitcraft

    Seeking jacket advice

    Hello to all! Have a leather jacket question for fellow afficianados: in the market for a new jacket, have narrowed down the field to a choice between the Aero 'Bootlegger' or the Lost Worlds' 'Ryder'. Anyone here have any experience with either? Your input is much appreciated.

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