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  1. Sam Craig


    I'm thinking about ordering an Akubra Capricorn for office wear for this spring and summer. It looks like it would be an easy, fairly dressy straw that would go with lots of dressy casual stuff. Are they comfortable? Are they cool? Also, what are the greens like? I'd need to order one...
  2. Sam Craig

    Name that cap!

    I picked up a neat gray wool "big apple" cap this week. The exterior is sort of like a satin finish felt, but it is woven wool. Very nice looking. Very dressy, but I can't make out the brand name in the lining. It appears to be Stanley and then a second name ... not steamer ... That is in...
  3. Sam Craig

    Brim up or Brim Down

    I have several vintage fedoras ... dressier ones ... that I am coming to enjoy wearing with the brim 'up' in the front. They just seem 'happier' that way. I wear a hat to the office every day and around the office during the day, and it seems like they have a more 'friendly' impact with the...
  4. Sam Craig

    John Wayne's Akubra?

    So I have been doing photo research of John Wayne's famous cavalry hat ... you know, the one he wore in "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," "Rio Grande," "Rio Bravo," and "Fort Apache." I'm sure that he started out with several hats provided by the prop people, but according to an interview with his...
  5. Sam Craig

    Is it a federation adventure, or what?

    It's the end of a long day, and it's been a long week, too, so I am turning to my Lounge Brothers, because this search has been just too frustrating. Maybe I'm dense, but ... What is the difference between an Akubra Adventurer and Federation? Obviously the same maker ... different hat...
  6. Sam Craig


    Just wondering ... I'm looking for a lightly used Campdraft, either willow green or brown, in a 60 or 61. I thought I'd check here before trying to figure out where to order overseas. PM me if you got one. Thanks, Sam
  7. Sam Craig

    Did Karloff perform the Royal Wedding?

    I didn't get to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday, but they were playing the vows later on radio and I was listening to it at work. Did anyone else notice that the pastor who performed the ceremony sounded just like Boris Karloff? Not Karloff from Frankenstein, of course, but more like...
  8. Sam Craig

    I'm a horrible Kansan ... I think

    I hate to admit it, but I don't know if there is a hat store in Topeka, Kansas, even though it has been my state capital for my entire life here on Earth. I have tried to work through the Internet. I have even complained to the Topeka Chamber of Commerce because they make it so difficult...
  9. Sam Craig

    We're not THAT stupid ... Are we?

    Just a rant, I suppose, but I just got off Ebay ... and I don't really blame them, understand ... but I cannot believe how many people on there completely misrepresent all sorts of stuff about "vintage" and "antique" hats. OK, this will seem strange, but the one that really rankles me is the...
  10. Sam Craig

    Give Thanks for the Fedora Lounge

    I thought twice about even posting this, but I had an experience today that really ticked me off, and at the same time made me so happy to continue communicationg on the Lounge ... I had to pass it on. I don't do the "social networking" thing. I have to "network" enough on the job and keeping...
  11. Sam Craig

    Hat button thread sought

    Does anyone else remember a thread that encouraged us to post pictures of hat buttons? You know, the decorative buttons they used to use on the sides of hats ... not the trolly string buttons. I may be imagining things. I went back in the threads but couldn't find one. Thanks for the help...
  12. Sam Craig

    In the words of the Bard: "Come on!"

    So I was working over an old hat the other day ... It's a Churchill that I bought at Jack Henry's On the Plaza in KC, say 25 years ago. For a while it was my daily wearer ... like almost every day. It's been through a lot It has more than paid for itself. I was doing some work to it...
  13. Sam Craig

    Worst hat deals ... EVER

    I got to thinking about a really bad hat deal that I made several years ago, and I thought it might be interesting for a discussion topic. I'll start[huh] My business sent my wife and I to Kansas City ... this was about 20 years ago ... for a weekend event. We got to stay in the Ritz...
  14. Sam Craig

    Happy International Derby Day, Feb. 5

    Hat lovers around the world are planning to participate in the first ever International Derby Day. Well, it's true![huh] Thanks to the international muscle of the Fedora Lounge, you derby, bowler and homburg wearers from around the world have expressed an interest in letting the public...
  15. Sam Craig

    The time has come

    I began collecting hats seriously in high school, continued in college, and have picked them up over time since then ... we're talking about 40 years here. Now I have reached a point both in my own life and in the histoy of hats, apparently, where I need to pay more attention to restoration...
  16. Sam Craig

    St. Joe Stetson Outlet?

    I'm going to Kansas City later this week to see kids and grandkids and just wondered if anyone knows if the Stetson Outlet at St. Joe is worth diverting to. Over the years, I've heard you could get great deals there, but never knew if that was really true or just one of those things you...

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