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  1. BlackboxR12s

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    It's Pairi Daiza A very nice animal park here in Belgium, been elected best zoo in Europe It features different worlds... I often just take off and explore the less crowded southern part of the country, I drove past it on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.
  2. BlackboxR12s

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    Seen some nice wheels in this topic! My ride, the not so common R1200S Sportsboxer ( produced 2006-2008). Pretty rare machine here, but so much fun to ride!
  3. BlackboxR12s

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Received yesterday! Very pleased with my Five Star Leather Opted for the Seal brown horse hide A-2 WWII 1939 WERBER SPORTSWEAR Shawn did a great job! Compared to the QMI I have, this HH leather feels very nice out of the box. Although the QMI is coming around nicely when worn almost daily in...
  4. BlackboxR12s

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Finally... chilly enough to get the A-2 out.
  5. BlackboxR12s


    I do have a few heavy knitted ones made by Murphy & Nye. ( started out as sailmakers and got into making clothing for sail and yacht crews ) These were a thing years back and I do appreciate a thick warm sweater in winter Owned these for quite some years, the things are indestructible. I see the...
  6. BlackboxR12s

    Ordering from the US using a shipping agent.

    Hi Leigh, Thanks for sharing, living in Belgium, import and customs often spoils all the fun shopping in US. Never used one of these shipping agents before. Just gone through some reviews for both and maybe reading the bad ones, wasn't the best idea. But good to know these exist. If anyone...

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