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    Who Would You Have Liked to See in the Role?

    There are always those movies that are perhaps miscast or there are audience members who would rather have seen someone else play the lead role. What movies can you think of in which you would have enjoyed seeing someone else play the part? I'll start. When I was a teenager, the movie...
  2. K

    That's a "bright" idea

    Maybe for people who take night walks in dark areas. karol
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    Movie Villains

    Who are your favorite movie and TV villains, those guys --and gals --you just loved to hate? Some made an entire career playing bad guys, others played a lot of heavies but could portray good guys, too. A few of my favorites from years gone by were: Jack Elam Lyle Bettger (he was on...
  4. K

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    My day today is full of snow, as is probably half the USA. But, I am on the internet sending Valentine's greetings to all those I love! karol
  5. K

    World War I veterans

    I put this under Observation Bar because I wasn't sure where else it belonged. There is a WW II site, but this is about WW I veterans. Some years ago I got obsessed with keeping count of the number of surviving WW I veterans left in the world, and found out at that time there were less than...
  6. K

    I'll Take Manhattan....

    Wow, folks, today I got a new fedora from our own Art Fawcett at Vintage Silhouettes. A few threads back, Art posted a photo of his newest hat, called the Manhattan, and, when I saw it, and especially in the silver mist color I had been searching for, I decided it was time to contact him. Now, I...
  7. K

    Gray, grey, GRRRRAAAYYYY

    Boy, do I get confused!! I peruse fedoras on Ebay and hat stores on the internet. Recently, I have been trying to purchase a light gray hat with a decent brim ( 2 1/2" up to 3"). First of all, my monitor is not trustworthy on depicting a gray/grey color. Darker grays seem to look medium gray...
  8. K

    The Art World and the Fedora

    I saw a program the other night on PBS; it showed the Roosevelt Memorial Park and some of the statuary there. I knew about the statue of Roosevelt in a wheelchair and that of his little dog, Fala, but also noticed this statuary piece among several in the park...
  9. K

    Buffalo felt

    Buffalo I noticed this week, while browsing fedora and cowboy hat sites, that some sellers are advertising hats made from buffalo fur felt. Mostly seems to be cowboy hats. I know about beaver and nutria, wild hare and rabbit fur and some other exotic materials, but this one is new to me...
  10. K

    Jimmy Cagney's hats?

    My father looked like Cagney and so I am a fan of his. Here are some photos, none are large, but do give you some ideas of his hats. Village Hat Shop and I believe some other hatters have a fedora they call The Cagney. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/graphics/2005/02/28/bfdvds25.jpg...
  11. K

    Davis Hat Co.

    I have a bid on a hat on ebay that is from supposedly from the 40's, it was the seller's father's hat. He states that the fedora was purchased from Miller's Dry Good Store in a small town in Texas and cost $8.98. It was made by the Davis Hat Co., Dallas, Texas. Does anyone here at the...
  12. K

    Mothers don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls...

    Rand hats, a cowboy hat maker in Montana, is selling cowboy hats on Ebay. I saw one I decided I couldn't live without and got it on a buy-it-now. I will try to show it to you, but, boy, it has more dots and dashes than Carters has liver pills...
  13. K

    What have I got?

    Scored a hat off ebay. It is a Selentino fur felt fedora (see below) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8215860110 I was not expecting much, but it is a lovely hat, a nice moss green color, not too deep, not too light or bright (richer color than the photo). The felt is...
  14. K

    "Stick with me, kid, we'll go places..."

    It has to be from some gangster-type film. The only place I heard it was as an old childhood joke, i.e., what did the stamp say to the envelope (or was it postcard)? -- "stick with me kid and we'll go places." karol
  15. K

    Look What I Got

    I couldn't resist, not after all the praise heaped on this hat by folks on the Lounge and on other websites. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8203663829 It came in the mail yesterday, is exactly my size, fits and looks like a dream. karol
  16. K

    Absinthe, Schnapps, and Other Drinks

    What's Jagermeister? Is that a brand of schnapps? If schnapps is a fruit brandy, I probably wouldn't like the stuff. I am a dry wine-martini-ale swilling kind of gal. The sweetest drink I imbibe is a margarita. I am very fond of steak and eggs for breakfast, too. It's my favorite kind of...
  17. K

    Champ fedora and too many brown hats

    I have too many brown hats and I am about to get another. Next month I want to get the ultimate Indy from Fedora. Here is what else I have: a Stetson Weekender, in the color "bronzine." I got it because I thought it looked somewhat like an Indy hat. I like the hat band which is a...
  18. K

    I'd Like To See Your B!

    Not sure if this is a help to you, but I have a beautiful linen B!Wear cap among others that have been displayed on the 12 Steps of Hataholics thread, page 13. JamesPowers displayed them for me, all B!Wear Caps. The linen shown is probably not in a color you would ever want -- it's fushia. I...
  19. K


    I just purchased the movie Copenhagen, which is from the play of the same name, about a true story of the friendship of two famous nuclear physicists, one German and one Danish, who saw each other in 1941. Something happened at their meeting and their friendship ended. This play/movie is a...
  20. K


    Does anyone know what this hat is? I have never seen a man's hat like it. The brim is so different. I will try to put in the website on ebay. If I fail, then the ebay number of the hat is 8164781826. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=52369&item=8164781826&rd=1...

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