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  1. AlanC

    Banana Republic safari shirt -- M

    Old/real Banana Republic safari shirt Tagged size: M (suitable for a S/M, fits trim) I believe this was NOS when I purchased it, but I did wash it as there was some light soiling from storage (air dried on a hanger, not in a dryer). I believe it's never been worn, and it has the original...
  2. AlanC

    FS: Modern Stetson "Hermes Maxi" 7 1/4 | 58 (fits a little large)

    SOLD! Stetson "Hermes Maxi" felt fedora Size: 7 1/4 (runs slightly large) Brim: 2.5" This is a modern Stetson I purchased new, but have rarely worn. It's in excellent shape with a pristine interior. If you've wanted a quality fedora without the potential issues of vintage this is for you. $50...
  3. AlanC

    FS: Vintage leather document case -- Cheney lock

    Vintage Document Case Circa 1950s-60s Cheney lock, single gusset $45 delivered CONUS, Paypal Large enough for light paper work, small books, an iPad, etc. Your assistant is doing the heavy lifting, anyway. There is some roughness to the leather at the fold on top, some light cracking...
  4. AlanC

    FS: RRL chambray shirt (L) | Barbour shooting vest (M/L) | LL Bean cords (35 x 34)

    RRL Chambray shirt From Ralph Lauren's exclusive and expensive Double RL line Tagged size: L $60 delivered CONUS, Paypal Chest, P2P: 25 Neck: 16.25" Sleeve: 34.5" Barbour shooting vest Moleskin with cool game pocket in back Made in England No tagged size $50...
  5. AlanC

    "New" Hercules FQHH Jacket

    I just bought this vintage Hercules, awaiting delivery (hopefully this week!). Anyone familiar with Hercules label dating and a good source for replacement cuff buttons?
  6. AlanC

    FS: Dobbs newsboy cap & Andover Shop tweed walking cap -- 7 1/8 -- 7 1/4

    Steal both hats for $35 delivered! Dobbs tweed newsboy cap, NWOT (I don't believe this has ever been worn) Made in USA Size: Medium -- States "One Size Fits All", but I wouldn't advise it for larger than a 7 1/4. I'm a 7 3/8, and it's too snug on me. $20 delivered CONUS, Paypal...
  7. AlanC

    FS Ladies Cashmere Sweaters: Vintage Pringle | Land's End --Small

    Price drop--make me an offer! I purchased both of these sweaters for my wife, but neither of these worked for her. They're fantastic sweaters, super soft. No holes or pulls, excellent condition. NOW $40! Take both for $50 delivered CONUS, Paypal. Vintage Pringle cashmere sweater 100% Pure...
  8. AlanC

    Willis & Geiger cloth A-2 "Summer Flight Jacket" -- Size Large (XL) Now On Ebay!

    Price drop--open to offers! Willis & Geiger cotton A-2 jacket Tagged size: Large (might work for an XL) A great alternative to the leather A-2 for those times when you want something a little lighter. Of course, Willis & Geiger is no longer in business. They don't make these any longer. Grab...
  9. AlanC

    FS: Orvis Harris tweed sportcoat (46L) & Andover Shop tweed walking hat (~7 1/8)

    Both made in England! SOLD!! Orvis Harris Tweed 3/2 sportcoat Made in England Tagged Size: 46L $40 delivered CONUS, Paypal Chest: 24.5" Sleeve From Shoulder:25.25" Shoulder: 19.5" Length From Bottom of Collar: 31.75" Andover Shop tweed walking hat Made in England $20 delivered CONUS...
  10. AlanC

    SOLD: G-1 leather flight jacket -- sz 40

    Price drop! With some new jackets and coats coming in I need to thin the herd some. As a result I'm offering up my authentic G-1 flight jacket. From earlier discussion it seems to be a 1970s embossed cowhide version. NOW $90! $100 shipped CONUS, Paypal Personal My apologies for the bad pics...
  11. AlanC

    J Press Chesterfield overcoat from 1930

    I received a message last week asking if I would be interested in a purchase, a very special one. A J Press Chesterfield was sitting in the back of a closet and needed a home. The price: not cheap. But I knew I would never have a chance to buy another one, because there likely isn't another one...
  12. AlanC

    SOLD: Mallory fedora -- 7 1/2

    This is a great looking vintage fedora, which is really a little big for me and thus has become a candidate for the dreaded thinning of the herd. Mallory fedora 7 1/2 2 1/4" bound brim Condition: Solid, would benefit from a cleaning, although that's not necessary. I have found one moth...
  13. AlanC

    SOLD: Polo RL buckle back herringbone wool trousers - 38 x 30

    Polo Ralph Lauren herringbone trousers Buckle back, watch pocket Lambswool-wool blend, slubby weave Tagged size: 38 x 30 (hand measures to: 19.5" x 30") Gorgeous trousers, rare details. $50 delivered CONUS, Paypal Personal
  14. AlanC

    SOLD Pending Payment: Churchill OR clone with box -- 7 3/8

    Another price drop! (Aug 30) Price drop! Churchill light tan Open Road Clone -- 7 3/8 2.5" brim To make room for some new hats coming in I'm putting this beauty on the block. I suspect it dates from the 1960s (but don't know for sure). Sold by super high-end retailer Neiman-Marcus it comes...
  15. AlanC

    Borsalino hat mystery, or, Does Borsalino Do Rayon?

    Arriving in the mail today were two modern Borsalinos I bought for good price. One of them has me greatly puzzled. It's a floppy Alessandria with (what seems to me) the correct markings. This sticker--the same style is on the other Borsalino I received--is stuck to the hat...
  16. AlanC

    Now Gone!: Royal Stetson Stratoliner 7 1/2 for 7 3/8 Stratoliner

    I have a gorgeous near pristine Royal Stetson Stratoliner, size 7 1/2, that I want to trade for a like condition Stetson Stratoliner in size 7 3/8, I'm not picky about color. There is a little bit of discoloration and foxing to the liner on this, but it's been worn very, very little. No moth...
  17. AlanC

    *ALL SOLD*: Braces/Suspenders -- Trafalgar, Polo RL, Cole Haan, Dooney & Bourke!

    I need to clear out some braces as I keep adding them at an alarming rate. These are all used but are in good to great overall shape, wearable for years to come. Sold 'as-is'. I apologize for the pictures, but I believe that braces are the hardest thing possible to photograph well. Price...
  18. AlanC

    SOLD! NOS/NWT Executive Imperials 8.5 D| Longwings & Plain Toe Bluchers -- USA Made!

    Fresh off the Tardis are these fantastic New Old Stock/NWT classics. Never worn, never laced, never tried on! They aren't making anymore of these. The time to buy these NOS shoes is when you see them. Executive Imperial [by Keith Highlander] Longwings and PTBs Pebble Grain Union Made in...
  19. AlanC

    ALL GONE! Black Stetson Open Roads --sizes 7 1/2 & 7 5/8LO

    Price cuts! Open to offers--put these on a head that can wear them! Two Stetson Open Roads, both black in larger sizes Both need a good cleaning, but there is no moth damage and no cracking of the sweats. Great fixer-uppers as a little TLC will go a long way with these. NOW $50 each! $65...
  20. AlanC

    SOLD: Brooks Bros hat themed necktie | Trafalgar braces/suspenders

    Price drop on the tie! Brooks Brothers hat tie Now $20! $25 delivered CONUS, Paypal personal please This tie is in excellent condition. SOLD! Trafalgar braces $20 delivered CONUS, Paypal personal These are not marked as Trafalgar, but I bought them new and they came in a Trafalgar box...

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