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  1. hatsRme

    Hats and Society

    I hope this thread title is adequate to keep it standing on its own. Hats are so ubiquitous in so many cultures, there must be a zillion interesting stories to tell. I was intrigued by this discussion in The Economist, thought others may be, too...
  2. hatsRme

    Longchamp Paris (?) Leather 3 Tobacco Pipe Combo Satchel

    New In Box, beautiful soft black leather combination pipe tote/tobacco pouch/shtuff holder. The overall outside dimensions are 7-3/4” x 12”. It holds three pipes, about an ounce of tobacco, and whatever can be fit into the 7” x 10” compartment running the length of the bag. Then, there are 3...
  3. hatsRme

    “WTF’ Hats,” that are hard to believe...

    This thread idea popped up when I ran across this hat shown in the Wall Street Journal monthly magazine. I literally cut and pasted the description and pricing (from the back of the mag) to make this easy. As stated... REALLY?!
  4. hatsRme

    From the Fedora Vaults of HatsRme; 6-3/4 and 6-7/8

    As the title says, these fedoras are from the vaults. I've picked them up along the way to learn from and to photograph with heads under them at family gatherings. All prices are shipped to CONUS. Thanks for provoking me to post these, @MatthewPace! First up: Dobbs, 6-7/8 in good...
  5. hatsRme

    Hatters' Lives Remembered; A CT NewsTimes 2011 Article

    A cut and pasted story from the NewsTimes, looking back while there was still time to do so... Enjoy the read! Patrick Wild still remembers his grandmother's wrist and the thin gray line that ran across it. His grandmother, Catherine Tierney, was a trimmer in the Lee Hat Factory in Danbury...
  6. hatsRme

    Bill Belichick's Fedora!

    Watching early morning news to stay on top of the snowfall today, when the video of Coach Belichick disembarking the plane in Minneapolis yesterday wearing his father's fedora was shown. The overwhelming reaction was about how stylish he looked. Better than a hoodie with cut-off sleeves...
  7. hatsRme

    Vintage Silhouettes; TRUE vintage 7-3/4 XLO

    Time to start thinning... So, from the long lost stash of new-old-stock Mallory felts, in a color they called "mahoot," (which is by far the most difficult color to capture in a photo ever encountered) I am pleased to present an as-new Art Fawcett-finished hat with an underwelted 2-1/2"...
  8. hatsRme

    Here is why there are so many tiny and so few large vintage hats

    I rarely click on a click-bait subject, But when the title was "Americans' Heads Getting Bigger In Size, Changing Shape, Anthropologists Say" I couldn't resist. How many times has the discussion been had about why so many small size vintage hats still seem to be available, while there is such...
  9. hatsRme

    Vermont Country Store; Hard-to-find-items

    I looked, searched, and otherwise checked around, but was surprised not to find a presence of this "Store" on the Lounge. They clearly cater to lifestyle aficionados of the last several decades, and I wanted to be sure you all saw this. My mother, 90 years of age this year, swears by this...
  10. hatsRme

    Thinking of Daniel and Cindy (Luvmyman)

    By now, most of us "regulars" around the Lounge are aware of the terrible ordeal of our friends Cindy and Daniel. @LuvMyMan We need to focus as much prayer and positive thought as is possible in support of this beautiful couple of sweet human beings, part our Lounge "family." To Daniel, I...
  11. hatsRme

    My Fedoras' Hat Tree

    @scotrace... I started this thread because the "Your Fedora doesn't own anything. Two of them don't merit an apostrophe." is closed to further comment. What of the plural possessive form? Couldn't help myself, Scott... ;^)
  12. hatsRme

    Pendleton Shirt Sale!

    I received an email notification of an online sale at Pendleton. I wouldn't post a new thread if it wasn't worth it. Definitely a DECENT sale. Let's help 'em out.
  13. hatsRme

    Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat

    This was mentioned on one of the Sunday morning talking head TV shows. Enjoy! http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/abraham-lincolns-top-hat-the-inside-story-3764960/?no-ist
  14. hatsRme

    Who wants my 8-track tape collection? just pay shippping!

    In the effort of emptying our nest, I discovered that I am still in possession of the majority of my 8-track tapes, as well as some additional ones for which I cannot be blamed. Many of these actually rode with me in my 1971 Gremlin, and my 1975 Gremlin (they were cheap cars, and there was...
  15. hatsRme

    World's TALLEST hats...

    This may not warrant it's own thread, but must be here someplace... I just saw this Raymond James Ad on the "tube." Couldn't help but want to share it with all you folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgJTY3cfqvY
  16. hatsRme

    ManTrap Nails

    I had no idea where to post this photo, but I simply love the business' name! If this is deemed to be better in another thread... I've driven by and admired this place for about twenty years. As a marketing-type person, I just love the character and imagery conjured up by this name for a...
  17. hatsRme

    Official Rice Cakes of the Fedora Lounge?

    This may not warrant it's own thread, but I've been meaning to raise the flag about these boys for a while. The Lundberg Family Farms is operated by four brothers, and this photo of them is on all their products... These are our people. Support our fellow hat wearers! Great rice...
  18. hatsRme

    Dr. Seuss' HAT Collection...

    Theodor Geisel (AKA, Dr. Seuss) was indeed a hat collector. If this is old news to some, it may not be to others. You can find more about this aspect of the "good doctor," but this article seemed like a great start...
  19. hatsRme

    Harry Truman's TIES!

    Another interesting peek into the sartorial side of this president. Check it out...
  20. hatsRme

    Photo posting problems?

    This may not be the right place to ask, but I have not been able to post photos directly from my files for several days. Has there been a change, such that we must go back to posting to an online host first?

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