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    Frock Overcoat

    Sorry I can't answer you question, but I love it!
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    Do You Still Use "Golden Age" Products?

    Four Roses Old Grand Dad Budweiser Pabst Blue Ribbon Smith and Wesson Remington Arms C & J Clark Stanley Hand Tools
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    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    A picture of the then very popular Will Rogers in the background.
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    What Are Your Favorite Books To Reread? / How Many Times? / Why?

    I've read like others have the Lord of the Rings trilogy multiple times, along with some of Hemmingway's books. A few others, I'm sure. I read somewhere that a person should read the classic books at least three times on one's life. Once when they are young, again when they are middle aged and...
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    Vintage Photos of Leather Jackets

    After a cursory viewing of these vintage photos of people wearing leather jackets, I'm left to believe that it's rarely combined with the wearing of a hat like a fedora, homburg, or derby. Just an observation.
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    How did you start wearing hats?

    When I was about 25 years old in the mid eighties I lived in Colorado. I was at a shop in Estes Park and saw a fedora for sale. I thought it was kind of a "city slicker" hat. It fit my large head and I bought it. It was my only fedora for years, but I had a lot of more western style hats, until...
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    Show me your favorite jacket

    Leather? Wow, I've seen a lot of leather jackets on this thread! When I look at pictures from the "Golden Era" or earlier, I see a whole lot of long dress coats and trench coats and peacoats and such. I don't have any pictures of myself, but that's the kind of outerwear I like to wear. I...
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    the changes in foods since your childhood? doesnt taste the same as it use to?

    Far as I am concerned KFC has went downhill on many levels. When I was growing up in a small town of 8,000 people or so, the only "fast" food was Pizza Hut, which seems to be fading, too. One store just closed close to here, and I was on a trip lately and went to a lunch buffet in WY and was...
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    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Tonight, a couple gin diet sevens with lemon juice, then went to the old standby, bourbon. Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 year on the rocks.
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    How to Know if You're in The Right Bar

    Any bar where the bartender knows what "neat" is. (My expectations have been lowered over the years) Around here if I ask for something "straight", they usually give me a shot glass. If I ask for "neat", 8 out of 10 times they don't know what that means. I've been asked if I lost a bet when...
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    Post New Hats Here!

    New hat store in central MN! I just bought a nice Homburg in Long Prairie, MN! I'm so excited there is now a decent hat store up here close to where I live. BTW, I don't own it, or know the owners, or anything like that. http://www.hatsoffcoffee.com/the-hat-shop/
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    Ranking American Writers in 1929

    I agree and have similar reading experiences. I find it curious that Upton Sinclair is not listed here. I imagine this poll took place between popular early books, especially the 1906 "The Jungle", and his very popular "Lanny Budd" series of books in the 40's. Many interesting reads if one is...
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    Big and Tall Overcoat and Raincoat

    Obviously trench coats make great rain coats. I love my size 52 London Fog I bought at a second hand store, but unfortunately don't know where you could pick one up in your size. I would try using your favorite internet search engine, or maybe someone else has some ideas.
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    The best and worst vehicles for the hat wearer

    I'm 6-2 with short legs (long body) and I agree with the PT! Along with that wife's Escape is bad, my Explorer not so good, and my 1982 F150 awsome.
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    Sears to close more stores as holiday sales slump

    You speak the truth! I avoid Walmart whenever possible. It always takes what seems ike forever to find what I am looking for, and I have rarely found anyone to help me while shopping. Of course we could talk about standing in long lines at the checkouts with most of them closed........ I...
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    Sandals for men?

    I had to look those up because I had no idea what they were. Learn something every day.........
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    Sandals for men?

    Did gentlemen wear sandals in the "golden era"? Just wondering.
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    Sandals for men?

    Are sandals ever an approved footware for a gentleman outside of perhaps a ocean front vacation? I have never thought it proper for a man to wear sandals in any normal situations, especially with socks. :eeek: A close friend of mine who wears them in the summer reminded me that Jesus wore...
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    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    Thanks, all! I do have a nice, long black "wool" dress coat that I wear over a suit or blazer in cold weather, but I think it is a little too dressy to wear on more casual occasions. Sounds like I can wear the trench coat even if it is not raining, if I am so inclined, without provoking the...
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    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    When to wear a trench coat? Hi, I'm new here. Trench coats are traditionally a rain coat, right? Is it frowned upon to wear them as a general cool weather coat? Forgive me if this has been addressed ad nauseum. I like long coats and recently purchased a previously owned Towne by London Fog in...

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