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  1. K

    Need help, HAT GIVEAWAY!!!

    Sterling Midnight
  2. K

    My Whippet...

    Nice Glasses!
  3. K

    More of my hats, up on the 'Bay

    As soon as I get a nice, rare lid in the mail, something better shows up and beats it right out of the water. Oh how I wish I had the dough for that Stetson 20. The winner better be nice to it, or like you say, havershaw, I hope it doesn't sell, lol.
  4. K

    Happy Birthday, Daisy Buchanan

  5. K

    "Bash." Not a hatter's term?

    I also see no real harm in using the term "bash" as long as we recognize the fact that other people don't know what it means, lol. And I do believe that it was something that we may have acquired through Akubra. And in terms of fed being short for fedora, I remember a time when I never heard...
  6. K

    My Dick Tracy Hats

    The old club hat strikes me as odd, as the ribbon is nothing like his own, but I'd sure love to have one considering its an old dick tracy hat, lol. The Official one at that!
  7. K

    All Hallows Eve is bigger than Christmas

    Naw, it's Christian alright... just very few of the traditions are. Celebrating Jesus' Birth: Christian. Giving away presents, fat guys comin down the chimney, and putting up lights on the outside, and dead trees on this inside: Non-Christian, but fun none-the-less. :) And also, on the...
  8. K

    All Hallows Eve is bigger than Christmas

    Actually, on the suggestion that Christmas is Jesus birthday, and that Christmas is the Winter Solstice, I believe theres a bit of confusion. It's my understanding that it became a common practice to display the nativity scene at some point a long time ago, and nobody could really decide when...
  9. K

    Hatalog-7 1930's brown Adam Homburg

    Whats more ironic, those boards that frown upon replying to a years old thread also tend to frown upon starting a thread on a topic that's been discussed in the past.[huh]
  10. K

    Always Coca-Cola? Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing!

    I wish glass bottle pepsi was as easy to obtain...
  11. K

    LADIES of the LOUNGE

    Rockapin-up- Very lovely :)
  12. K

    What do you make of this?

    Remember a while back when Dominic posted that ghost picture? That was really creepy....
  13. K

    Car Key Woes!

    If they can put a chip in the key that is required in order to start the car, why can't they put in a locater chip for when you lose your keys? Then again, coordinates might not help you out very much. But on yet another hand, the right marketing ploy and target audience could make the car...
  14. K

    Love Children! Scam!

    I have an idea what you're talking about, but the stuff I buy tends to be stuff you can't find so easily elsewhere. The last one I bought from put the money towards an educational trip, rather than t-shirts though...
  15. K

    MEN of the LOUNGE

    Maybe you two should take diamondback's idea and start a new thread with those notes :)
  16. K

    MEN of the LOUNGE

    What about a daily calendar? You know, the kind where you rip a page with the date off to reveal the next date underneath? I could never keep up with the one I had, but it was still cool. Though if there were a lady's of the lounge calendar, that could be reversed.... but this is the Men of...
  17. K

    The Mod Hatter

    I can't say I'm a big fan of that one, JT. Makes me think that it might have been a women's fedora (not saying it is, though) However, with a bound edge, it could look like a western homburg. Still not something I could pull off myself. Heck, I'm not sure I could bring myself to pull that on lol
  18. K

    Let's make this guy a star

    Okay, I'm gonna add a little bit to what I said earlier. I think he'd be better if he sped things up, and think the Cavanagh Trio he's performing with may be part of why I don't like it that much. It's too much in the background it seems, and there just doesn't seem to be enough of it...
  19. K

    7X clear beaver Quality Stetson

    so that's how they did it!!!:eusa_clap
  20. K

    Finally scored a Derby

    I like the glasses more than the hat, but then again, I'm called "Blues" For nothing, lol

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