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  1. Behemott

    Buzz USMC HBT P-44 trousers for sale.

    Hello, I am selling a pair of Buzz Rickson USMC HERRINGBONE TROUSERS or P-44 Monkey Pants, No.BR40435, sized 36/34. Condition is brand NEW, with one wash. The herringbone Twill or (HBT) feels and wears exactly like the originals and the buttons are an exact match. The fit & cut is definitely...
  2. Behemott

    FS --- Buzz --- Rough Wear B-10 jacket

    Hi, I am selling a Buzz Rickson Rough Wear W30-053-AC964 Type B-10 jacket. Condition is VERY GOOD with no issues. The roundel has been weathered to tone down the colors as it was too bright to my liking. The jacket is size 40 but it has the fit of a slim 40 or regular 38, taking the alpaca /...

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