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  1. Starius

    K-20 (Looks a bit like the Japanese version of The Shadow)

    There is a movie coming out in Japan that some of you might find interesting. It's called K-20 and is set in 1949. The title character is a bit of a villainous Robin Hood type character, and the story involves a acrobat who is framed as the identity of K-20. You can view two trailers...
  2. Starius

    Help Finding Art Nouveau Architecture & Craftsmanship in Film

    Hello Loungers, I'm putting out a call for help in finding examples of Art Nouveau architecture or craftsmanship in motion pictures. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this is a rather obscure request. But, I figure if I'm going to find anyone with a chance of picking this stuff...
  3. Starius

    Any good sights around Bellingham Washington?

    Hello Loungers, Next week I will be in the Bellingham Washington area, and while my time won't really be my own, I was wondering if any of you knew of any interesting sights or features out there - particularly for a shutterbug such as my self. I've never been to Washington before, so...
  4. Starius

    Modern style Peacoat out of South Korea

    For awhile now, I've been coming across these modern (but obviously vintage inspired) coats from a South Korean clothing seller on ebay. (Click the 3 thumbnail pics for a closer look) - - What do you all think of these? Overall, I kinda like them... the 3rd in particular, though I'm...
  5. Starius

    The resurgence of Vinyl & the end of CDs?

    Wired.com has a commentary entitled "Vinyl May Be Final Nail in CD's Coffin" in which the author writes about the resurgence of record album's popularity by both collectors, music artists, and fans, and how they stand to continue on past the marketplace lifespan of compact discs. I thought...
  6. Starius

    Is the Lounge getting a bit.... slooooooow?

    Is it just me, or has the Fedora Lounge board been getting rather slow lately? Even grinding to a complete halt a couple times with internal database errors? I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to the forum enough that I grow gravely concerned when the health of the system is in...
  7. Starius

    Belgian Military GreatCoat Review

    I recently purchased a 1955 Belgian Greatcoat from ArmyNavyDeals.com. Now, I should inform you that I am not super enthused about vintage clothing. I do like retro and vintage inspired clothing... but when it comes to actually wearing something aged I feel (like a lot of folks do) that it...
  8. Starius

    Ray Harryhausen In Color Gift Set

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing remastered releases of three Ray Harryhausen films to home video this December including It Came From Beneath the Sea, Earth vs. The Flying Saucer, and 20 Million Miles to Earth: 50th Anniversary Edition. Each release will include both the original...
  9. Starius

    Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel Restoration & Whats wrong with current building practice?

    Due to board picture posting restrictions, my initial post here is going to be divided between 3 posts so please bear with me! :) During my recent visit to Mason city for the River City Festival I had the pleasure to see the Frank Lloyd Wright Park Inn Hotel & City National Bank building...
  10. Starius

    Doctor's Bags

    Does anyone know of a good place to find new but vintage looking Doctor bags? Here is one I really like: The problem is, it retails for around $300. All of the doctor hand bags I've seen on online stores are rather expensive, actually. I suppose doctors can afford them, of course...
  11. Starius

    The thread where complete strangers can make a difference with my hair style

    Let my indecisiveness be your amusement! Here's the deal: I need a new hairstyle. I look like I've been surviving on an abandoned island. And not the beautiful tropical kind of island either, the barren wasteland fighting Nemo's monsterous creature experiments for survival kind of island...
  12. Starius

    My Camera Collection

    I don't have the best camera collection out there, but I enjoy collecting them and so far my collection has come together rather inexpensively. (Technically, cheap or free.) They add to the atmosphere of my library room and I'm always on the lookout for more. So, I thought I'd share my...
  13. Starius

    Book of Etiquette Vol. I and Vol. II by Lillian Eichler (1921)

    I originally mentioned this in the 1940 Emily Post thread but I don't want to be rude and hijack it so I'm starting this thread here. As I mentioned there, if anyone is interested in reading passages out of the Book of Etiquette Vol. I and Vol. II by Lillian Eichler, I'd be happy to...
  14. Starius

    My Introduction, Great Grandfather, and new Panama Hat

    Hello everyone. First, I'd like to thank "Undertow" for showing me this discussion board. I knew him back in my college days and I never would have guessed him for a vintage fashion connoisseur back then - I'm fairly sure he wouldn't have expected the interest in me either. Funny how that...

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