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  1. konadog

    Gap Women's Tan Leather Type III Jacket - Size Small

    Good condition used tan leather women's type III jacket in size small. This is from the late 1990's when The Gap made some excellent leather jackets. Measurements follow: Pit-to-pit = 19" Shoulders = 16.25" Sleeves = 22.75" Length = 20.5" $90 shipped conus
  2. konadog

    Mister Freedom Black Stallion Campus Jacket - Size 42

    Price drop to $700 or best offer
  3. konadog

    Mister Freedom Black Stallion Campus Jacket - Size 42

    jacket is still for sale
  4. konadog

    Mister Freedom Black Stallion Campus Jacket - Size 42

    jacket is still for sale
  5. konadog

    Alden Shell Cordovan 986 Penny Loafers - Size 10 B/D

    Very good condition Alden 986 shell cordovan penny loafers in size 10 B/D. These were recently resoled with new footbeds by B.Nelson in NYC. I love these shoes but I've come to the conclusion my high instep just doesn't work with Alden and JM Weston loafers. $450 shipped conus
  6. konadog

    Fine Creek Hampton 44 MINT Just Gorgeous

    are there handwarmer pockets on this?
  7. konadog

    Mister Freedom Black Stallion Campus Jacket - Size 42

    Like new condition Mister Freedom Campus Stallion leather jacket. Size 42. I bought this in June 2020 and have worn it maybe five times. It's an amazing piece, but it just doesn't get enough use for me in Los Angeles. Retails for $949 and is currently sold out in Size 42. $800 shipped conus...
  8. konadog

    FS: Mister Freedom Sportsman suit

    what are the listed size on the trousers?
  9. konadog

    Mister Freedom Stallion Campus Jacket

    i love the fit on the jacket. i'm typically a 42 in most suit coats and wear XL in Mister Freedom and Iron Heart shirts.
  10. konadog

    Gap Leather Trucker

    this is a great jacket for the price. my wife has one she never wears and i will likely list it here soon.
  11. konadog


    very nice, wish it were my size
  12. konadog

    Your favorite outerwear Instagram account(s)

    Bandit Photographer is terrific, of course: https://www.instagram.com/banditphotographer/
  13. konadog

    Optimo Fur Felt Fedora 7 5/8 - 7 3/4 for sale Classic Fedora

    so sad i missed this one
  14. konadog

    WTB IRON HEART denim jacket L or XL

    Self Edge is having a sale this weekend and they offer free worldwide shipping.
  15. konadog

    Mister Freedom Campus Stallion

    these are both the same size
  16. konadog

    Whites Semi-Dress work shoe. Size 12

    good boots good deal
  17. konadog

    FS: Fine Creek Leathers “Clubman” 42

    terrific jacket
  18. konadog

    FS: Iron Heart Jean Jacket, 526PJ, Medium ($240)

    this is indeed the best type 3 you can buy. i own one, i know.

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