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  1. Peter Bowden

    Aero Buffalo Check Wool and Leather jacket

    Now available to order http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=4897
  2. Peter Bowden

    Himel Brothers TV The Imperial

  3. Peter Bowden

    Himel Brothers-Arcane Secrets Of Leather

    Himel Bros- Arcane Leather somewhere on the Internet https://himelbros.com/blogs/news/hbtv-deep-dive-the-heron-a-1
  4. Peter Bowden

    Lewis Leathers Paradise Garage Jacket

    Just spotted this browsing Lewis Leathers https://www.lewisleathers.com/productinfo.html?code=jak-PG
  5. Peter Bowden

    Aero Dustbowl From Start To Finish

    I don't know how to post a direct link but the latest post is fascinating https://www.instagram.com/aeroleatherclothing/
  6. Peter Bowden

    Heroes Jacket

  7. Peter Bowden

    You Tube Luxury Leather Video

    Just in case you haven't seen it-It may have been posted already
  8. Peter Bowden

    Japanese Auction Site

    Just came across this site-New to me but maybe well known to Lounge members.Plenty of drool-worthy jackets. https://www.jauce.com/category-leaf/2084050337?select=08&n=100
  9. Peter Bowden

    Jacket Hangers

    Just looking at the advice about hanging jackets on Aero's site.Presumably once a jacket has creased it will stay creased.I have now laid mine on the floor.
  10. Peter Bowden

    Just spotted this

    Just thought I would post this.Never seen one like it.Too small for me sadly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vtg-1940s-50s-APPALACHIAN-Motorcycle-HORSEHIDE-Bomber-LEATHER-Flight-JACKET-40/273333275072?hash=item3fa3eec9c0:g:BnMAAOSw1t9a6gkZ
  11. Peter Bowden

    Motorcycle jacket

    Hi I am hoping that someone will be able to identify the manufacturer of this jacket that I got recently.I imagine that a lot of manufacturers made this style of jacket but I would like to be able to source a liner for it at some point.The only label is a size label- 46.I gave it a really good...
  12. Peter Bowden

    Darcy Clothing

    Found this site yesterday and don't think it has been listed before.....Nice range of shirts and trousers imho http://www.darcyclothing.com/shop/
  13. Peter Bowden

    Book Photos

    I got this book through the post recently and would be happy to post some of the choicer pictures.Cannot scan the pictures due to the book construction but the photos are fairly clear.There is very little information on the jackets.Not sure(don't know!) about copyright issues so please remove if...
  14. Peter Bowden

    Grizzly jacket construction

    Hi Tempted but curious to know how these are put together...are the mouton panels attached over a completed jacket or are they essentially a combination of sheepskin and other types of hide.I was wondering if it was the latter, that they would be less strong than a jacket made of a single tough...
  15. Peter Bowden

    Mostly Turkish....

    Remember the heady,indulgent days of fine Turkish and Oriental tobacco in cigarettes?-I stopped smoking some years ago but occasionally burn one of these veterans purely for the aroma.I presume the cigarettes with cardboard tubes are of Russian origin,similar to the Kazbek brand once sold by...
  16. Peter Bowden

    Cricket "Bomber" Jacket

    Good Morning! Not sure if anyone would wish to see this but this is a Cricket brand bomber/aviator style jacket designed by Nigel Cabourn in the early 80's.I bought it from Fenwicks in Bond Street in their 1984 Spring Sale and remember paying circa £85....People thought I was mad(How much!) but...
  17. Peter Bowden

    Aero Hudson

    Greetings Thought I ought to post some pictures of my Hudson coat supplied by Aero which I have owned for nearly a month now! It is sized as a nominal 50" chest with 1.5" added to the length and with 27" sleeves.I am 6 feet 4 inches tall with a 46" chest The standard crome excel hide is...

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