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  1. J

    Attention Denverites

    Just wanted to give a heads up. I was out and about today and stopped in to the Antique Exchange at Broadway and Florida. Judy has a good-condition Cavanaugh in a 7 3/8 Extra Long Oval for $42. It's not in excellant condition, a few stains on the ribbon, but it is in pretty decent shape. I'm...
  2. J


    I had a terrible terrible thing happen last night. Here is what led to the disaster... I head over to my local watering hole for a bit of liquid refreshment and karaoke. I walk in and am instantly handed my favorite mixed beverage by the lovely bartender, Rosie. A little conversation at the...
  3. J

    What do you think of this place?!

    My favorite Antique Store. Sorry for the bad pic..Cell Phone cameras still aren't very good. JCBurns
  4. J

    Cruise Hat(s)??

    I've just recently booked my first ever cruise to the western Caribbean leaving from New Orleans in December. Any suggestions on what hat(s) to bring? I'm really curious if I'll even be able to wear one onboard...or will it simply fly off the ship?! Any suggestions? Lightweight Playboy or...
  5. J

    Funny Story from this past weekend

    Ok, so, I'm in a new (to me) part of Denver this weekend(41st and Tennyson), dropped my sister off to shop so I walked around the couple of blocks worth of little shops. There were a couple of antique stores so I figured I'd check em out. 1st place had a huge collection of vintage toys and...
  6. J

    So? Is it a sin...

    To be wearing a vintage Stetson in the rain? Now honestly, that's why I buy a hat...to keep the rain and snow and sun off my face. But will I be persecuted for getting a nice vintage hat wet? Your thoughts please..and quickly...it's raining here and I have to leave work soon! JCBurns
  7. J

    My small collection

    Well, today I went to my favorite Antique store and picked up 3 more hats and it occurred to me that I seem to have a very bad addiction going here. Now some of you may remember that I first came on here back in March after having purchased 4 rather nice hats. At the time, I had only a few...
  8. J

    Wow, maybe they are starting to get it!

    Well, I found this on the Askmen.com website in their fashion area under "Clothes Big Boys Don’t Wear" article...... "To a female, baseball caps signify an adolescent attitude, so if you’re attempting to attract a woman of legal age, forgo the cap in favor of more fashionable headgear or...
  9. J

    Great picture...I thought

    This was on a photography site I frequent and I thought you all might like tp see it. http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=541106 I simply put the link because I don't want anyone to think this was a photo of mine. They are very big on giving credit where credit is due, on...
  10. J

    New Project Panama....finished

    A number of you saw this Panama that I bought a while back that appeared to have been originally a Ladies hat. Here is what I've done to it. I wasn't able to find black ribbon so I went a different direction. :) If you look closely, you will see some discoloration just...
  11. J

    New Project Panama

    Well, I finally found what I've been searching the antique shops for...a Panama! Ok, I'll just pretend it's a real Panama, not sure I believe that label. Now granted, it was in the womens section and it obviously was sold as a woman's hat, but I don't see why with a new ribbon treatment and...
  12. J


    OK, So I was sitting in the local wateringhole tonight. This young man sits down next to me and he just NEEDS a hat! So I gave him this one.... am I crazy or what? But he really needed a hat! :) I mean, I actually got up from the bar, drove home and got this. Am I crazy or what...
  13. J

    Old Hat hygiene

    Ok, so after my purchase of a few decent used hats, someone at work asked me about the cleanliness of them. Good question! When you guys purchase a used hat, is there anything you do to "sanitize" it. They of course mentioned head lice, something I hadn't even thought about. (Can you tell...
  14. J

    Denver Hat repair?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a place that can do cleaning and/or repair on a hat in the Denver, CO area? I've looked around a bit, but I haven't been able to find anything. Or perhaps, someone could tell me of a good place to send a hat to for repair? Thanks JCBurns
  15. J

    New Member and new hats

    Well, allow me to introduce myself. I live in Denver, CO and unlike any of my friends, I have worn a hat for years, however it has mostly been a cheap Flex-Felt from Wally World or wherever I could find one. I bought a cheap Fedora from (shudder) Burlington this past year and I've liked...

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