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    rainbow county 40’s car coat leather jacket size 34

    Oops, Pit to pit is 49 cm Shoulder is 43 cm
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    Buzz Rickson William Gibson A2 size 36

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    rainbow county 40’s car coat leather jacket size 34

    For sale is a slightly used rainbow county 40’s car coat. This jacket is made in black Shinki Horsehide and is a size 34. However, it fits more like a size 36 in Freewheelers jackets. ***I am looking for $1500 OBO The following are it measurements in centimeters: Pit to pit: 59 Shoulder to...
  4. J

    fine creek leathers sizing

    Thanks! I just scored a Guthrie from high large. Hopefully it fits.
  5. J

    fine creek leathers sizing

  6. J

    fine creek leathers sizing

    Gentlemen, What has been your experience sizing a trucker style jacket from fine creek? Did you size up from your usual? How do they compare in size to y2 leather and double helix's trucker jackets? I am typically a 36 in y2 leather's trucker jacket and I recently came across a used fine creek...
  7. J

    Fine Creek Leathers vs Double Helix

    IMO FCL ages faster, but I have Y2’s kakishibu type 1 which is a patina monster
  8. J

    Thedi Hektor leather jacket size 36

    For sale is a barely worn Thedi Hektor in their cocoa Buffalo hide. I’ve only worn this jacket about 10 times and it’s in fantastic condition. I am looking for $1250 or OBO. The measurements are as follows: Front: 63 cm Back: 61 cm Hem: 50 cm Sleeve: 60 cm Shoulder: 46 cm Chest: 50 cm

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