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  1. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    I've owned a Lewis Leathers Star Lightning for almost a year that I picked up in used but like new condition here on the Lounge. Great jacket, wore it for the first time on my motorcycle today, and while on the highway the wind unzipped it! lol. I had it zipped 3/4 of the way up, like you...
  2. erikb02809

    Fs: Eastman Ostmann/Luffwaffe

    Size 44, black. Possibly the most beautiful jacket I own, but I'm a cross zip guy so this one never gets worn. Has the old school Luftwaffe label, very gently worn, excellent condition. $850 shipped in the continental USA
  3. erikb02809

    FS: Thedi Hektor 42-44

    I've gained over the pandemic enough weight where i can't comfortably layer with this jacket , which kind of limits it's usage for me (ordered it in Feb, delivered in August, but didn't start wearing it until October weather kicked in). Looks great with just a t-shirt underneath though lol. The...
  4. erikb02809

    WTT: My Eastman 44 Luftwaffe for a Pegasus or Lewis

    This is an awful specific want - but I've got a beautiful black horsehide Eastman 44 Luftwaffe in excellent condition that I just haven't been wearing much. I'm more of a crosszip guy. So, looking to swap it for another crosszip. I love Pegasus's designs, but the super quick-wearing leather...
  5. erikb02809

    FS: BK Duke in Liberty Seal size 44

    As great as this jacket fits, I'm probably going to regret parting with it. But the stitching is kinda rough compared to the Thedis I've owned that were the similar style, and my OCD is making it difficult to enjoy the jacket (Thedis are priced a bit higher, so you get what you pay for). I've...
  6. erikb02809

    BK Duke in Liberty Seal

    BK Duke in Liberty Seal HH arrived this week. Overall pretty happy with it. Their stock size 44 couldn't fit me better if it was tailored. There are a couple of minor stitching irregularities, but that seems to be par for the course with leather jackets. I've owned a BK previously , a LW, 2...
  7. erikb02809

    Lost World's Trojan hh belt

    Bought this by with my size 42 Lost Worlds Trojan, but never used it. Sold the jacket three years ago, but buyer wasn't interested in the belt. I'm moving to a new apartment, trying to minimize clutter and maximize cash, so this belt is up for grabs. $200 brand new. I'm selling mine for $75 firm.
  8. erikb02809

    Thedi Hector Crosszip for sale, 42-44

    Selling my Thedi Hector in Espresso brown. It's a Thedi XL, which translates to a trim 44 with most other brands I've got experience with, or a 42 with a bit more room to throw a hoody under comfortably. When I bought this jacket, I had really high hopes for it becoming my #1 go-to leather...
  9. erikb02809

    Irregularities in leather - what's acceptable and what's not?

    I recently took delivery of a long awaited Thedi Hector from Thurston Bros, and there are a small number of tiny gouges/holes in the topcoat of the leather, including a trio on one of the lapels near where it meets the collar that are setting my OCD off like crazy. I checked with Carrie and was...
  10. erikb02809

    Pegasus steer vs horse?

    I'm getting the itch to purchase a Pegasus D Pocket S, but based on first hand experience, the quick wearing nature of the topcoat on their horsehide is not my cup of tea. Does anyone have experience with both their hides who can comment on how they compare? Pegasus steerhide owners - what are...
  11. erikb02809

    FS: Thedi MTC 127915 42-44

    Unused Thedi MTC 127915 jacket in Espresso Buffalo hide. It's got black cotton drill lining, with corduroy lined pockets and cuffs. Pics of my jacket are on post 4179 of this thread: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/insurrection-thurston-bros-official-affiliate-thread.70770/page-209...
  12. erikb02809

    FS: Brown Horsehide Pegasus D Pocket, size 44

    I'm selling my Antique Brown Horsehide Pegasus D pocket, size 44. It's got the standard D model's zip sleeves, but the half belt back of the "S" model, and gray velveteen lining. The top coat on the leather is one of the quicker wearing ones I've encountered, with the hide already showing some...
  13. erikb02809

    Selling my LW trojan size 42

    Selling my Lost Worlds Trojan horsehide motorcycle jacket. I've owned this jacket for 5 years, and it's finally starting to look broken in. No small feat with a LW jacket, lol. I'm sad to be selling it, but need to raise some funds for other things. This has been used as an actual motorcycle...
  14. erikb02809

    wrist watches and sleeve lining wear?

    I have a LW Trojan, and it's by far the nicest jacket I've ever owned. I purchased it to wear on my motorcycle almost four years ago exactly, and I couldn't be happier. However, the sleeve cuffs are close fitting, and I noticed that the sleeve lining is starting to fray on the inside of the...
  15. erikb02809

    FS: Bill Kelso "Duke", size 44, seal brown Victory HH

    Selling my Bill Kelso Duke. Size 44, seal brown, Victory Horsehide. I've worn it out of the house about a dozen times, so it's still in pretty close to new condition. Brand new, this would cost $1238 plus shipping, plus whatever the wait period is at BK these days. So, I'm asking $1100...
  16. erikb02809

    Nylon, Cotton, or Wool lining?

    I'm thinking about buying a LW Trojan, and noticed they've got a deluxe version on their specials page with custom zippers and wool lining. It's not much more than the stock model would be once you factor in the cost of the belt, so even though it's more money than I'm comfortable spending on a...
  17. erikb02809

    Meyda Tiffany Lamps

    I was going through the Meyday Tiffany website to order some Maxfield Parrish themed lamps for the museum I work at's gift shop when I came across their Metro line of lamps. The majority of the selections in the Metro line have a definite Deco theme to...
  18. erikb02809

    Googie Architecture

    It's more of a tail end of the Golden Era through to the mid 60's sorta thing, but I was just wondering what the good people at the FL thought of Googie architecture. The opinions here are always so well thought out, varied, and interesting, so I figured it might make a good topic of...
  19. erikb02809

    Has this ever happend to you?

    I dropped off my Legendary USA Trojan Horse jacket at a local seamstress's to have the interior chest pocket repaired and to have some patches sewn on while it was there, shortly before Christmas. She said the pocket might be tricky, but the patches would be a piece of cake. I picked it up 3...
  20. erikb02809

    Legendary USA Trojan Horse jacket?

    Hi folks. I've been reading this forum since the beginning of this summer, but only recently signed up. So, this is post numero uno for me. I was thinking about purchasing one of Legendary USA's Trojan Horse Horsehide motorcycle jackets, and I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on...

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