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    FS:Aero 30's Half-Belt Tobacco Badalassi size 46

    Time to let my baby go. I've shrunk out of this jacket the last year and some body Else can look good in it from now on. Would ideally suit someone above 180cm and about 90kg. 800$ PayPal f&f plus actual shipping Costs from Norway.
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    A quick take on my Aero 1930's Halfbelt

    After really getting into leather jackets I've been contemplating if I could possibly make due with just one jacket. Foolish I know:) But I still couldn't get the idea out of my mind and I decided that Aero offered the greatest collection of jackets to choose from. After looking for several...
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    Leather jackets for winter.

    Hi friends. I'm considering putting in a custom order for a leather jacket that I intend to wear during the rather harsh norwegian winter. I haven't yet decided what brand, style, color or leather yet, so I just wanted to pick your collective brains if you guys have had any experience with...

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