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  1. Rudie

    For Sale: AERO Rockafella in Russet Goatskin

    Modified Rockafella in nearly mint condition. I have hardly worn it as it never really fit me well. There is slight creasing at the sleeves and two small nicks in the leather (see pictures). This jacket would set you back GBP 750.00 (about EUR 870.00/ USD 900.00) when buying new from AERO...
  2. Rudie

    SJC Winter Flannel Work Shirts

    These awesome 8.8oz. flannel work shirts from SJC are going live soon. 2 styles in 3 color ways. A 1930s work shirt with chin strap, two chest pockets and reinforced elbows and a 1920s pop-over shirt. www.simonjamescathcart.com
  3. Rudie

    Heated Hat Stretcher on Ebay - Only 20 Hours Left

    Some of you guys might be interested in this hat stretcher on German Ebay. http://www.ebay.de/itm/291734415058?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l5999&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI291734415058.N36.S1.R1.TR3
  4. Rudie

    SJC Footwear Kickstarter

    Our esteemed member Simon Cathcart has launched a kickstarter for his label SJC. High quality 1920s spectator shoes and Balmoral boots with metatarsal straps as well as 1930s engineer boots at prices that are hard to beat. Take a look...
  5. Rudie

    SJC X-Mas Deals - Submariner and 1930s Style Denim Dungarees and Chinos

    http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/submariner/sjc-submariner-sweater http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/jeans/big-b-dungaree
  6. Rudie

    SJC Airman Contractor Leather Jacket

    This beauty is going into production soon. It will be made in mid-weight black CX steer and in brown oil pull. I thought I would give all you leather jacket heads that don't know about SJC yet a heads up. If you haven't heard about SJC yet, it's a new brand by FL member simonc as well as a style...
  7. Rudie


    http://www.stylecreep.com/levis-vintage-clothing/levi-s-vintage-clothing-1878-pantaloons-jeans-rigid-made-in-usa?page=3 £50 instead of £215.
  8. Rudie

    The SJC Clothing Thread - Show us what you have or wish to have!

    This thread is meant to show off your SJC purchases as well as to show a wider audience what will be made available. SCJ is unique in that we as potential customers have a voice in what will be made and how the designs are going to be. Our expertise is wanted. A reason for me to open this thread...
  9. Rudie

    Aero Premier 1930s Highwayman

    This should be an instant favorite with many customers. http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=2428
  10. Rudie

    Awesome Deal on LVC 1930s Fair Isle Sweaters For Taller Guys

    Just bought the last pair of the blue one in size L. I wish the red had been available in my size as well. It is so rare to find knitwear with sleeves long enough for my monkey arms. Two blue ones left as well as one in red. All are size XL. Original price used to be about £230, now it's only...
  11. Rudie

    Leather Olympics - Your Top 3

    Please show your top 3 all time favorite leather jackets that are still being made today. So no vintage or phased out models. You do not have to own these jackets, just post which models you like best. All makers eligible. Time to dream! Please post only your top 3, not more. You have to make a...
  12. Rudie

    AERO One Off Halfbelt - Jacket Porn - Pics!!!

    Dear fellow Loungers, Today my new Aero custom jacket was delivered. I am thrilled. It is a jacket from a Levis contract Aero made around 2002. At the time the jacket was made in russet jerky HH and whipcord and in russet jerky HH. Due to the quite complicated pattern the whole contract was...
  13. Rudie

    Awesome 1920s/1930s Caps, Large Sizes!!!

    The seller has 11 caps, some (most) of them quite large. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-DEADSTOCK-NOS-1920s-1930s-Newsboy-Gatsby-Cabbie-Golf-Driving-Cap-/371024415569?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5662c74b51
  14. Rudie

    Holy Grail LVC/Aero Leather Jacket

    This jacket is my personal all-time favorite leather jacket style. It is from an old LVC contract made by Aero in pristine condition. If it fit me I would have snatched it up immediately. There were no bids and the seller relisted it. So this is your chance to get an awesome jacket that, in my...
  15. Rudie

    1930s SB 3-Button Odd Jacket With Flecks and Patch Pockets Sz. 38

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vtg-50s-Fleck-Wool-Blazer-Sports-Coat-Jacket-Hollywood-Atomic-VLV-Flecked-WOW-/161137514809?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item25848b5939 Seller says 50s but it looks more 30s to me.
  16. Rudie

    Lovely 1920s/1930s Waistcoat with Patch Pockets

    For the smaller gents here: size 34/36 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1920S-1930S-VINTAGE-WOOL-WAISTCOAT-34-36-CHEST-MENS-YOUTHS-/321194525633?pt=UK_Men_s_Vintage_Clothing&hash=item4ac8af83c1
  17. Rudie

    1920s/1930s French Linen Summer Suit

    On German Ebay. Size is about 38/40R. Tie and bow tie included. http://www.ebay.de/itm/20er-30er-Jahre-Leinen-Sommeranzug-aus-Paris-mit-Krawatte-und-Fliege-/261271759396?pt=DE_Vintage_Mode_für_Herren&hash=item3cd502aa24
  18. Rudie

    US Loungers! Could you do me a favor?

    I found a nice pair of vintage shoes on Ebay. Unfortunately the seller is unwilling to ship them to Germany. Would one of you gentlemen help me out and participate in a triangle shipment? I am looking for somebody based in the US to receive the shoes and send them over to me in Germany. I'll pay...
  19. Rudie

    Berg & Berg Sale 30-50% off - Bresciani Socks and more

    Berg & Berg has a sale. Their whole range is reduced. Still some very nice OTC socks by Bresciani left, especially the smaller sizes. They also have some very nice pocket squares and knitted ties. http://bergbergstore.com
  20. Rudie

    Shoe Aficionados! Red Goose Victorian/Edwardian Men's High Shoes NOS

    Wonderful Red Goose shoes in superb condition. Size 9, BIN $75.00, seller is open for offers. If they were my size I would have snatched them up instantly.

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