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  1. Mark G

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Filson Wool Packer Coat Review

    I've wanted one of these coats for years and never could justify the expense having a cold weather coat this nice living in coastal California. My wife and I have been going on several trips to the National Parks in off season (late fall, early spring and winter), and I got a Filson gift...
  2. Mark G

    New hat rack

    Wasn't sure where to post as it does have hats in it. I've been looking for some way to display my hats that would allow them to hold their shape... so I came up with this. I wanted it rustic so I made it out of Douglas Fir from the local DIY store. The arms and legs to the rack are...
  3. Mark G

    Old "Stetson" from the 20's

    This is a hat I've had for 35 years. I got it at a yard sale from a man in his 80's who said it was a Stetson he purchased in the 20's. I have no way of telling if it is indeed a Stetson as the sweat had been replaced (no makings) and it had no liner. It does indeed seem from that time...
  4. Mark G

    My first foray into garment making.

    I've wanted to try sewing my own clothes for awhile now and thought I'd give it a try. I used an old Simplicity pattern I got off of E-Bay and heavily modified it. The pattern was basically a bag with patch pockets, so I took it in and made welt pockets instead. It's Shetland wool with...
  5. Mark G

    New Big Valley

    For 2011, a movie version of the sixties TV series, The Big Valley. What's next... a movie version of the Banana Splits? http://farm.imdb.com/title/tt1472462/
  6. Mark G

    Indy's Hat

    I was up in the bay area, and a friend works for Lucasfilms in research and gave us a tour of the Ranch. Here's a pic of some of the props used in the films.
  7. Mark G

    Open Road Homage

    Everyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of Open Roads/Stratoliners. I have been thinking of making one with a little bigger brim dimensions. I wanted something that would be good for the field but also not out of place in the city. I settled on a pure beaver bodied Sahara color. I made the...
  8. Mark G

    Edge Binding

    I was wondering if anyone on the FL could post a tutorial/primer on binding the edge of a hat. I've been practicing on some junk felt with an edge binding attachment on my sewing machine and I must admit it's a bear!!! :eusa_doh: I'd love some guidance. Cheers,
  9. Mark G

    Sweat band bows

    Anyone know what kind of ribbon the bow at the back of the sweat band is, and where you could find it?
  10. Mark G

    New Art blocked Monticristi from Panamabob

    The mail arrived yesterday with my new Monticristi from Panamabob. It took awhile but it was worth it. Not only is the hat a beauty but Art Fawcett did a great job of getting just what I wanted. I love the ribbon treatment. Here's a picture of the hat and me in it before going out to dinner...
  11. Mark G

    Joe Kidd

    I've been a big fan of this hat since I saw the movie "Joe Kidd" as a teenager. I could never find a suitable hat because the standard 6" crown left the telescope at 4 1/4" and it looked to short in proportion to the 4" brim. So I got a dark brown blank from Hatsupply.com and made my block...
  12. Mark G

    Meat hats

    If anyone gets tired of the same old beaver or rabbit, here's something that will surely raise some eyebrows. www.hatsofmeat.com A friend e-mailed me this link and I don't even know what to say.
  13. Mark G

    Great Grandfather's hat

    Here's a picture of my Great Grandfather taken sometime in the late 30's with what appears to be an Open Road. Now I know that my obsession for thin ribbon hats is genetic.
  14. Mark G

    Home made safari hat

    I just finished my second hat. I've had the good fortune to be able to visit East Africa and am planning to go back soon. I've worn an Akubra and a canvas hat, but I wanted something more personal, so I got a rabbit capeline body in medium brown sage (green brown) and made my own sweatband. I...
  15. Mark G

    Double Feature

    I just got two hats from Vintage Silhouettes. The first was a custom to replace my 60 year old Stratoliner from everyday wear. It's actually closer to an Open Road, having a 5 3/4" crown and a 2 3/4" brim. The color of the hat is granite with a like ribbon trim. The diffence from an Open Road...
  16. Mark G

    My first hat

    I just finished my first hat. I bought my dad a Stetson fedora about five years ago and he's worn it so much that the sweat band is toast. So I thought that for Christmas I'd make him a hat. I bought the hat parts from a supplier (much harder to find than I thought). They included a black...
  17. Mark G

    Dating Stratoliner

    About ten years ago I found this Stratoliner in a antique shop in Tucson. It was in perfect shape and only $20, so I snapped it up. I had been wanting this hat since I saw Robert Ryan wearing one in "Bad Day at Black Rock" Yeah, I know He was the bad guy, but he had the cooler hat. I was...

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