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  1. Lady Day

    Ladies, what are your 2017 resolutions?

    Hello Ladies, For many, 2016 has been a crap year. I am among those who for many, many reason are glad to see it go. Though, I don't normally subscribe to arbitrary starting dates to change habits, it seems fitting this coming year to really put forth effort in at least some way towards...
  2. Lady Day

    My Sewing Pattern Venture! The second try now through Dec. 13th!

    Hi all. As many of you know I'm New Vintage Lady and I run a blog, website and Etsy store under that name dedicated to vintage fashion. I wanted to tell you all about the project I started to get my patterns multi-sized. The Kickstarter is running now until the Dec. 13, 2016 8pm PDT (my...
  3. Lady Day

    When did the pin-up look take over the vintage esthetic?

    *Before everyone jumps at me for using all inclusives, I've decided to post this disclaimer citing "not everyone/everything blah blah blah" we cool? Okay, moving on.* WOMEN ONLY!!!!!!!!!! I've been in the vintage seen for over a decade, give or take. Been sewing my clothing for about that long...
  4. Lady Day

    Vintageville: a weekly web comic

    *This is a cross post for the ladies who don't leave the PR* Hey everyone. I know a lot of you here like to read blogs and other people's creative content. While I blog as well (can be found in my signature line?, I'm also an illustrator professionally. For the past year I've been making a...
  5. Lady Day

    Vintageville: my ongoing web comic

    Hey everyone. For the past year I've been making a weekly comic called Vintageville. The premise is a girl following her dreams and living in a quaint town. It covers a lot of the different facets of the modern vintage lifestyle, but you know, in comic form. I produce it every week (give or...
  6. Lady Day

    Penny Dreadful- *spoilers* (duh)

    This show deserves it own thread. This show is a lot of what I have wanted for a long time, a return to the classic source materials of the horror legends we all know and love. A little history: A Penny Dreadful was actually a pulp horror magazine (that went under many names) that published...
  7. Lady Day

    The Re-enactor's Resource

    This thread is a place for us to post stores (online or real), forums, or other resources and materials that have great reference for women who are re-enactors, or are looking for period correct materials. Please give a brief description as to what the store offers. Thank you
  8. Lady Day

    Have television shows finally surpassed movies?

    I used to love going to the theater and watching a film. It was an event, or at the very least, a treat for myself. Now, I'm bogged down by the glimpse of cellphones in my eyes as some knob-head takes a photo of the screen, people talking and $15+ ticket prices. All of that before I've even...
  9. Lady Day

    Maker's Mark lowering proof to meet demand

    Okay, I KNOW Maker's isn't the best bourbon, it's barely mediocre, but its nostalgic. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-02-11/news/chi-makers-mark-water-20130211_1_maker-s-mark-jim-beam-bourbon-drinkers What say you, wise old Lounge? I personally think the nostalgia of this seemingly...
  10. Lady Day

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/roseaposey/7173294256/in/photostream/ I've seen this image for months making its wave over again on the tubal interwebs and I was curious how you ladies felt about it and the perceptions of skirt length. I think there is a lot of perceived truth to it, because...
  11. Lady Day

    L.L. Bean Summer 2012 cover

    Got my catalog in the mail today and even before I knew it was a recreation, I went to check out and see which image they were doing :) They have a nice little write up of it on their blog, too. Here is info on their January one.
  12. Lady Day

    Humility is a sign of beauty.

    I got to vent here, ladies. I'm getting tired of people who just have to rattle off every instance of what they do/can do/ have done in order to feel included in a topic they know nothing about. You know the type: you mention an interest and they have to immediately counter with, "My sister...
  13. Lady Day

    Sewing a man's shirt, opinions of fabric options...

    Hi gents. On my blog I've been doing a whole month of vintage man stuff and man related sewing projects. I'm at my final project, a man's shirt but I could use some opinions on fabric. Im just making the shirt straight from the pattern a 16 1/2" neck and 44" chest. The pattern is from 1930...
  14. Lady Day

    Girl Crushes!

    I've wanted to do this thread for a while. Sort of a companion thread to our incredibly enjoyable Handsome Fellas! thread. Who are your girl crushes? Not just a pretty starlet, they are a dime a dozen, but women who just make you smile for all types of reasons. Here are a couple of mine off...
  15. Lady Day

    American Roots Music

    I guess it's more of a sound or even a movement rather than an actual genera because its such a diverse mix of blues, gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz and folk from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. It's becoming a cornerstone of my listening preference, and I'm seeking out vintage and modern...
  16. Lady Day

    Custom Blended Makeup

    Has anyone had personalized makeup blended for them? Im thinking of having a lipstick made in the future. Im sick of the trial and error I get with colors. Neutrals look awful on me because their tones are more brown and plum. Corals and pinks make me looks silly, so Im stuck with reds, but...
  17. Lady Day

    The threads of vital content: Start here

    Hi all, This is a master thread of some of the most talked about and asked topics in the Powder Room. Need help with dating an item? 1930s Wardrobe essentials 1940s Wardrobe essentials 1950s Wardrobe essentials Vintage & Vintage Inspired (VI) Shopping! A great source of sellers websites...
  18. Lady Day

    Welcome to The Reading Room!

    Hello everyone and welcome to The Reading Room! This is a forum to chat about anything pertaining to the vintage written word. Vintage ads, letters, articles (old or online), books of all kinds, letters, your own writing, and anything else of the sort. More forum rules to come. Have...
  19. Lady Day

    The 1950s: The gateway era.

    Often when I meet new vintage ladies around and about I ask them how they got started in all this crazy madness. For me it was thinking I wanted a circle skirt, a tight sweater and a scarf around my neck. I wanted that iconic 50s look. When I first started this I was all, "I cant stand those...
  20. Lady Day

    Vintage Sewing Pattern Review *index*

    In order to have this great idea not become another 'show what you made' thread, we've decided to make this thread an index where we can post links to specific patterns we have used and our take on them. Please, account your obsticals, likes, dificulties, and overall take on these patterns. The...

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