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  1. Oldsarge

    the hat friendly world

    I'm up here in Portland, OR visiting my daughter and exploring the possibility of relocating here because I've had about all the heat and drought of SoCal that I can stand. Today we went to the Portland Art Museum to see a truly wonderful exhibit of the golden age of Venice's art and music...
  2. Oldsarge

    I prefer the three-piece

    Net MTM from MyTailor.com. I like it. p.s. Hat by Akubra . . .
  3. Oldsarge

    Is this custom only?

    In his blog, A Suitable Wardrobe, today Will Boelke sings the praises of the midnight blue hat for occasions after six. It certainly seems logical, given that midnight blue makes for better evening wear than true black does. The question is, where do you get one? Does anyone know of a maker...
  4. Oldsarge

    What should you drink with your favorite hat?

    Some hats just beg for an appropriate beverage, like single-malt scotch with a tweed cap or armagnac with a beret. What would your favorite hat like to drink?
  5. Oldsarge

    Where to start?

    Sometime in the coming spring I'm going to run down to Joe Hemranjani's for a new suit. I only own one because my former profession as a middle school teacher didn't call for one and the one I own now is black. I was expecting to wear it to a funeral so I bought it in a bit of a hurry. Nice...
  6. Oldsarge

    garment bag question

    So you go to the store (provided that you are not of the socio-economic class that orders MTM or bespoke) and you buy a suit or a jacket. The tailor makes the adjustments needed and you return and pick it up. You try it on, nod approvingly (whether you know what you're looking at or not) get...
  7. Oldsarge

    Am I the only one . . .

    who finds the current fascination with the styles of Mad Men disturbing? The 60's were my formative years from middle elementary school through the university. Especially when I was in middle school (jr. high) and high school, the Madison Avenue Ad Man was the target of choice for much of the...
  8. Oldsarge

    check out Will's new hat

    At A Suitable Wardrobe. He's having a felt planter built for fall. I think it's smashing.
  9. Oldsarge

    Need a 'hatsmith' in SoCal

    I've got a wool felt Indiana Jones that I want converted to a full-race Safari with tan twill band like the ones on pith helmets and the higher, steeper crown. Where in my area (SoCal Borderlands) is a feller who can do that so I won't mess the thing up trying it myself. Thanx, guys.
  10. Oldsarge

    I'm sure it's simple . . .

    I've purchased a "Indiana Jones" crushable that I want to recrown into the classic Safari. I did it once with a really cheap wool felt that a student gave me. He'd bought it at Disneyland. That one has gone on five safaris now and is getting worse for wear (and thorns, branches, buffalo...

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