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    New Aero Original Hercules in Midnight Blue

    I just received my Aero Original Hercules in Midnight Blue CXL. I really like this style. It's much more comfortable right out of the box than I expected. The Midnight Blue is such an amazing color, very deep and stormy. In sunlight there are bits of almost iridescent green. I tried to get...
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    New Aero Maxwell in Seal Vicenza

    Just received my new Aero Maxwell in Seal Vicenza. Many thanks to Carrie at Thurston Bros! I deliberately sized up one notch to make sure I had plenty of room for thicker shirts and sweaters. I probably could have gone either way, but I'm happy with the fit. It's a very comfortable jacket to...
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    New Aero Dustbowl

    Here are some pics of my new Dustbowl in Cordovan. The only real customizations are an inside chest pocket and a standard zipper - I love the style, and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to change. Many thanks to Wade at Thurston Bros., who offered his expertise while respecting my...

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