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    Stain Removal Guide For All Types Of Stains

    Removing stains from clothing and fabrics from: http://www.toledoaasr.com/Kitchen/printstains.htm Alcoholic Beverages - Pre-soak or sponge fresh stains immediately with cold water, then with cold water and glycerin. Rinse with vinegar for a few seconds if stain remains. Blood - Pre-soak...
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    I did a forum search for shoes and found a few threads about finding old shoes...but what about new ones? I have to have the shoes that match the hat, that match the bag, that match the dress. And I am sure we all have those prize shoes...new or old. I also needed a place to share...
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    Old Fashioned Men

    While browsing around the Powder Room, I cam across a thread about old fashioned men, and it got me thinking. A lot of ladies out there dream of having that old fashioned man in thier life. So we are lucky when we find you since you are all so far and few between. I have a question for the...
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    Addicted To The Fedora Lounge

    I'm curious. Maybe because I am fairly new here (since July 31st), or maybe because I am thrilled to know that so many of us exist, or maybe because I have a passion for the past... I'm just curious to know how much time you all spend here. My name is Ann, and I'm an addict. lol When...
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    How Was Your Day?

    Hello Fedora Lounge! Have you ever had those moments, days, or weekends that you just needed to tell someone what happened? Need a place to jump for joy or complain? I went back thru a year of The Observation Bar threads and didn't see anything like this...although I did see the one...

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