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    Leather Jacket alterations, recommendations?

    This is probably a strange sounding idea, but does anyone know a leather jacket repair shop that would be willing to take the sleeves from one jacket and put them on another? I really like my Schott 674 flight jackets, but the sleeves on the regular are too short for my arms, but I don't like...
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    Logan's Close X2 Vanson fit check

    Hi, I've got a pre-owned Logan's Closet X2 jacket by Vanson, size 38R. I've got an order in with Dan for a new jacket, but I'm wondering if I should size up on the new one. The 38R is a pretty snug fit, and I'm not getting any younger and my fear is that if I gain any weight I'll be stuck...
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    FS: NWT Golden Fleece flight jacket 40L/Tall. $195 obo

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/185268893211 Made in USA Golden Fleece sherpa lined flight jacket. This jacket is new with tags. I have only seen one other jacket in this condition, get a chance to buy a brand new jacket of a kind that would go for close to $800 now. The sherpa lining in the jacket...
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    FS: Schott 674 42R $195 obo

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    Sheepskin lined US Authentic flight jacket. Schott 674 copy.

    Hi all, one of my favorite jackets is the Schott 674, which is a sherpa lined cowhide jacket with a synthetic fur collar that was very popular in the 1970s and 80s. I thought it would be nice to have a brand new jacket of that type made from quality materials, so I contacted Shaul at US...
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    FS: 40R Golden Fleece shearling lined flight jacket

    Really nice Golden Fleece shearling lined brown cowhide leather flight jacket. Just had it professionally cleaned, this jacket is in near new condition. I'd rate it as slightly thinner than a comparable Schott jacket, but very soft, warm, and wearable this would make a great everyday jacket...
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    FS: NWT 40L Golden Fleece shearling lined flight jacket

    New with Tag size 40 Tall (long) Golden Fleece shearling flight jacket, made in USA. This is a really nice brown cowhide flight jacket, I don't know how old, but it has the original tags and I would say 80s or 90s. The quality feels great, though I would say it's a little thinner than a Schott...
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    FS: 10E Chippewa Steel Toe Engineer boots 27863

    I took another look at the boots and realized I had mis-stated the size. They are 11D Hi, I have for sale one pair of lightly worn Chippewa steel toe engineer boots, size 11D. AFAIK Chippewa no longer manufactures engineer boots and the supply is starting to dwindle. These are in great...
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    Anyone on Filmjackets.com Forums?

    I accidentally deactivated my account on those forums today. I changed the e-mail address associated with my account and the account was automatically deactivated. If anyone on this board has an account there, I need to pass along my e-mail address to a user there called "TheStuntman," he's...
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    Toys Mccoy Durable Double Riders

    http://toys-mccoy.shop-pro.jp/?pid=156441665 Toys Mccoy is making a replica of the jacket worn by Marlon Brando in the Wild One. It's a spendy jacket, 275,000 yen, which comes to about $2800 USD + shipping and handling. Now, a one for one replica of the famous Brando jacket isn't available...
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    FS: 38R Logan's Closet X2 Vanson Leather Motorcycle Jacket $650 obo.

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/38R-Logans-Closet-X2-Vanson-brown-leather-motorcycle-jacket-Made-in-USA/184687889541 This jacket is a replica of the jacket worn by Hugh Jackman in the movie X2: X-Men United. Logan's Closet brand made by legendary motorcycle jacket manufacturing company Vanson. Size...
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    FS: 38R Logan's Closet X3 Vanson Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Logan's Closet is well known for making extremely screen accurate copies of the jackets worn by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movies. LC comes up with the patterns and Vanson Leather in Massachusetts makes the jackets. This jacket is the version worn in X-Men 3. It's made from Vanson's...
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    FS: X-2 Wolverine jacket by Vanson / Logan's closet $650.

    http://ebay.us/I7gIpf Will trade for size 38R X-2 jacket. This is a replica of the jacket worn by Hugh Jackman in the movie X-2 X-Men United. It is a heavy duty motorcycle jacket made by notable leather jacket maker Vanson. Made in the USA of competition weight leather, this jacket is very...

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