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  1. johnnyelvis

    Canadians in the Lounge?

    I used to live in Kelowna, but the most canadian thing I miss is poutine.
  2. johnnyelvis

    Where Do You Think Men Should Shave?

    I'm a hairy dude hairy chest (not austin powers hairy) legs everything, and trim the pits because, I sweat a lot but the moment something shows up on my back I will wax it or laser it or do whatever i have to do to be rid of it. Right now I have nothing at 24years old hopefully it stays that...
  3. johnnyelvis

    First Radios, now (Men's) Hair...

    I know a guy I go to that really cuts my hair very very well, knows how to do classic cuts, straight razor shaves the whole deal, look him up its called liberty barber shop in orlando, fl
  4. johnnyelvis

    Pomade in men's hair, ladies?

    I grease up a lot, been using american greaser supply and three flowers, I used murrays for years, I never had this problem with the pillowcases or furniture. strange...
  5. johnnyelvis

    I think I'm about to get dumped tonight...

    Yeah I was thinking about the "beating her to the punch" approach. I guess we will just have to see how it plays out.
  6. johnnyelvis

    Ladies prefer...

    Hmmm, we should open up an actual fedora lounge bar, with a strict dress code, just think of all the hunky guys you ladies could meet from here! haha I know this has been talked about before but I use a lot of pomade in the hair which is a turn off for some girls.
  7. johnnyelvis

    I think I'm about to get dumped tonight...

    haha I want her to stay, but she told me that we need to talk later...and I'm like freaking out, I don't even need one liners I'm just bored, I was thinking of doing it earlier, the other day I found a condom wrapper in her back seat..*yucky*
  8. johnnyelvis

    I think I'm about to get dumped tonight...

    I think my lady is going to kick me to the curb tonight. Quick I need some good comebacks and one liners!
  9. johnnyelvis

    Young loungers

    music For me it has always been about the music, always had the appreciation but now definatley the style. I'm 24 and it started off with Johnny Cash,Sinatra and Elvis, mainly the Sun era early-mid 50's so it was a lot of black all the time and it keeps evolving into something new for me. A lot...
  10. johnnyelvis

    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    @MaryDeluxe I totally know what you mean, I think I may have come across as a desperate guy in this thread when that is not the case at all, I'm not trying to meet anyone. I am currently dating someone who is amazing but she doesn't like the fact that I have shifted away from the punk...
  11. johnnyelvis

    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    I think it may have came off wrong in my original statement about tattoos...Small ones here and there and hidden isn't that big of a deal, but what bothers me are the full sleeves and neck and chest etc., and I have seen these on beautiful girls before, I think sometimes it takes away from a...
  12. johnnyelvis

    Lucky Strikes

    lucky strike means fine tobacco haha
  13. johnnyelvis

    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    I notice a lot of girls nowadays have a ton of tattoos too. I hang out in a lot of rockabilly type bars/clubs and this is so common, kind of a bummer IMO what do you think of the tatted up girl thing? I would love to have me a nice vintage girl haha
  14. johnnyelvis


    @ lolitahaze...WOW!
  15. johnnyelvis

    Music suggestions 20's 30's big band & jazz?

    Looking for some good suggestions, post here what and who you think we should check out!
  16. johnnyelvis

    Lucky Strikes

    Do you smoke them? I've recently gave them a shot for (bartender edit - language please!) giggles and must say they are great. I usually would switch from camel lights and camel unfiltered...do they still make Lucky filters?
  17. johnnyelvis

    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    So where does everyone find their opposite nostalgia lovers?
  18. johnnyelvis

    The Patriot: Mel Gibson

    I'm sure it has something to do with racism if Mel Gibson is involved:eusa_clap
  19. johnnyelvis

    The 1950s Suit

    Does anyone know anything about Syms suits?
  20. johnnyelvis

    cant send a msg?

    it says I do not have permission? help? thank you :)

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