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  1. Elaina

    COPA free week trial

    They have a ton of pattern envelopes and pattern drawings on the site. If you can sew moderately well, you can use this to make patterns for period clothing. Not sure if anyone is interested, but it's here The password and login should be on the site. Runs from 08/19-08/25.
  2. Elaina

    What would you do with a rude business?

    I'm not sure where to put this at, but I work as one of the dreaded telemarketers. I call a lot of businesses and get used to the rudness. Question is, would you do business with vintage sellers who were over the top rude (or any business really) when you were working? (Even if they had no...
  3. Elaina

    What to make?

    It's raining here, I'm bored stiff, and I can't for the life of me think what to sew. Not on a vinage kick, for reasons I'm not naming, I don't want to make any. Any suggestions out here?
  4. Elaina

    For those of you in DFW

    You guys ok? All the tornadoes, I know I can't have been the only one that was hit.
  5. Elaina

    Something non-vintage cute to share

    I have a birthday coming up (explains alot doesn't it, that I'm an aries?) and my mom just called to tell me my son asked how to make me a Hello Kitty cake. My son is 8, hates anything to do with Hello Kitty (remind me to tell you of the kleenex story) and it was cute. So it seems this...
  6. Elaina

    1950's mail scam of sorts, but funny.

    I was going through some of Ruth's stuff today, and I ran across something that cracked me up. The letter is so old and spidery I can barely read it. Ruthie, I thought you might enjoy this. Send a pair to three people on this list, add your name and your recipients names back to the...
  7. Elaina

    Teaching kids to dance

    My son is off of school, and I'm out of things to do to keep him from underfoot, so I decided to teach him to Charleston (because it's about the only dance I do well, and he already knows the box step.) So we were standing and dancing, and my son stops at one point and asks me why he's...
  8. Elaina

    Women in WWII waiting on their Soldiers

    About an hour ago, I recieved a call from a nursing home that a woman I have been visiting for forever, died early this morning. So if this gets disjointed, sorry. I'm kind of busy over here too. I'm going to sound heartless, but I'm glad she's gone. She's waited a long time to go. Ruth...
  9. Elaina

    What's wrong with this picture? (Warning: May Shock and appal)

    Did you have a ganster theme going on? I never did the Sadie dances either, and not for lack of a date. They wouldn't let me bring my 4 dates in. Something about only needing one...or some rubbish. But at least hats are being worn again.
  10. Elaina

    A Halloween Tale for you guys

    I have a friend that does Paranormal investigations. Just happens that he's spent the last couple nights in some farmhouse checking out claims. So he gets home, rings me up and says "Hey Elle, I need you to do me some favors." I reply "Dude, it's 3 A.M. What can you possibly need that can't...
  11. Elaina

    Gift giving a hat. Is it a good idea?

    Sorry if I'm asking a question asked before. I don't wear hats, and the only man I know that wears them is my dad, and it's a cowboy hat. My husband wants a fedora. He's an idiot about hats, I've gotten it down to "gangster" style, for everyday wear rather then the ball caps he's currently...
  12. Elaina

    Fabrics for those that sew

    I got into an argument today looking at fabric had a conversation about Vogue 2885, and with reading the posts about Stop Staring and I thought I'd ask (and sorry if I duplicate again) do you guys use fabric that is vintage or at least was available in the era of your choice, or do you get...
  13. Elaina

    A real goodhousekeeping article from 1955

    My husband found this (!) and sent it to me. Was going around the men at work apparently. Thought I'd share it along. The emphasis isn't mine (or my husband's if he wants to eat again.)
  14. Elaina

    The Pinup Thread

    hey! I have a question for all you lovely ladies here. Anyone have the old pin up shorts that they want to post lots of pictures for? Hubby decided he wanted me to try to make them, and I can't find any good pictures of them to copy the pattern. Yep, I'm fluffy here, but I won't wear them...

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