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  1. johnnyelvis

    I think I'm about to get dumped tonight...

    I think my lady is going to kick me to the curb tonight. Quick I need some good comebacks and one liners!
  2. johnnyelvis

    Music suggestions 20's 30's big band & jazz?

    Looking for some good suggestions, post here what and who you think we should check out!
  3. johnnyelvis

    Lucky Strikes

    Do you smoke them? I've recently gave them a shot for (bartender edit - language please!) giggles and must say they are great. I usually would switch from camel lights and camel unfiltered...do they still make Lucky filters?
  4. johnnyelvis

    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    So where does everyone find their opposite nostalgia lovers?
  5. johnnyelvis

    cant send a msg?

    it says I do not have permission? help? thank you :)
  6. johnnyelvis

    What to wear in 110 degree heat with high humidity?

    I just moved to Florida and really into the 40's 50's look, it is so damn hot out nothing breathes, any suggestions of what to look for or cool styles from the past to reference?
  7. johnnyelvis

    Sideburns help?

    Anybody have any tips for trimming and styling good rockabilly sideburns a la Brian Setzer? I always get a few days growth, give it a shot and have to go short again because I mess it up. Should I not use one of those 5 blade razors? Any tips would be awesome, and post pictures while you are at...
  8. johnnyelvis


    So I have been running into a bit of an issue down here in Florida.Nothing seems to be able to handle this central florida humidity. Any tips or suggestions? I just moved here from NYC and it is quite the adjustment. Not getting any hold and I'll sweat like a dog and it just melts away!

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