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    Dressing quickly in an emergency...

    I'm not sure what the keys for the police are for. If the assailants are in your main home area, can't the police get in the same way they did? Is this because they might lock the police out behind them when they enter? Just curious.
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    Classic Style: Release of next issue

    It is apparently going bimonthly instead of every three months or so I hear.
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    Classic Style: Release of next issue

    I did a search but only found information related to the latest Fall '07 issue. When does the next issue plan on being released? Somewhere I had heard December but my ears or eyes deceive me.
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    What are you wearing today??

    We'll be expecting another picture in ten years to see how he's come along. Though, you'll need to find that outfit in a larger size by then.
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    Too long ties.

    The tip at the buckle is good. A tie being before the belt is better than a tie after the belt. Maybe they're using their tie to compensate for what's below the belt? lol
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    Gin Lovers Unite!

    I'm a youngster, so I've always known 'dry' as meaning more manly, I mean, more alcoholic. I didn't think of it meaning which vermouth. And speaking of dry and sweet vermouth, I need to try it with sweet vermouth, and perhaps with a bit of both as "Perfect".
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    Gin Lovers Unite!

    I know what makes it a dry martini, but what makes it a dry gin? I'm more of a beer person, but if I'm drinking liquor, it's usually a whisky. When I aim for a cocktail, I like a dirty martini not too dry. I like 3 part gin, 1 part vermouth, little water if the ice doesn't melt enough...
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    Would You Squeal?

    As for videotaping the movie in the theater, those who buy these cam rips are punishing themselves for watching garbage. I'd rather be kicked in the yahoo than watch some fuzzy video. As for dvd-screeners and dvd-rips.... well... I'm far too guilty, but these are copied, not bought. I...
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    Suspenders and a belt?

    Sounds like a man is only free when he's asleep or at the beach. Both sound nice. :)
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    T-shirt or A-shirt

    I solely wear T-shirts as underwear. I seem to wear crew neck with my shirt open or buttoned. I wear a v-neck when I'm wearing a crew neck sweater so there's not another ring of color peaking out around the neck.
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    What are you wearing today??

    Dressed a bit casual for Friday. Winding down the school week for Thanksgiving break. It'll be nice having a full week off. Tan dress shirt that doesn't fit the best. I put it on and discovered a button missing. A tie would hide it, but so would a sweater vest. Green vest by Dockers...
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    Recommend me a fedora, please

    I could believe it. I'm a 7 7/8 which is 63cm. We big-noggined fellows have a rough time.
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    New Job...but how to dress??

    I'm starting my first job in January as a software engineer, and like Lonn said, technology isn't known for their style. I met the team I'd be working with, and from what I saw it's chinos and a collared shirt. Seems the business casual dress code is enforced. The only suits I own are cheap...
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    Changing my 'everyday style' to that of the Golden Era?

    I have also wondered how best to transition from jeans and t-shirt to something nicer. Like others have said here, the easiest route is to go slacks and a nice shirt. Tie can be added after people get used to the change. Just be prepared when you begin wearing that classy strip of cloth...
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    from the sartorialist...

    I remember seeing this when it was first posted. I loved the striking color of purple behind the "blander" navy. On an aside, they need to straighten out the collar. It looks rumpled :)
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    A suprise for vintage shavers...

    Ahh, cool. The only shaving stuff I've seen in a store has been Personna blades at the drug store, Crabtree & Evelyn creams/soaps/brushes, and Body Shop or some variation carried C.O.Bigelow mint shaving cream (repackaging of Proraso). Let's add this to the list.
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    Show us your TIES

    I've been thrifting and I find a lot of 60s skinny ties. How do you go about identifying the older 30s and 40s ties? They seem to be shaped the same as modern ties, but maybe different patterns. I can't tell if a tie is old or if it's just newer vintage-styled.
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    What are you wearing today??

    Showing professors on campus how to do things. I teach a single class as a graduate student so some friends have called me "Professor".
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    Well, It Looks Like I'm On Strike...

    Carter was too quick on the ball with the Lucky Strike joke. I instantly thought the same thing. Good luck with the efforts.
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    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    I stopped by Levine's Hat Company yesterday while I was in St. Louis and picked up my first hat. Ye olde standard Stetson Temple in grey. Not vintage, but it's a good starter hat. I was anxious to wear it out today and then I realized it's Halloween. People probably think it's a costume...

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