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  1. StewartU

    Wooly Pully sweater. Size 44. Made in England.

    The original Wooly Pully sweater. Made in England. Size 44. Fantastic shape. $40 shipped conus.
  2. StewartU

    Viyella Shirt size L

    Beautiful Viyella shirt, made in USA. Size large. Fantastic shape. $35 shipped conus.
  3. StewartU

    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    Great looking boots.
  4. StewartU

    LC King Chore Coat Medium Tall (fits like large tall)

    It is as new. I am 6'1" and 200#. Length is perfect but shoulders are a little tight on me. My loss is your gain. Sells for $145 new. Made in USA Unlined, perfect for warmer weather Like New condition Inside pocket $40 shipped conus. shipped conus.
  5. StewartU

    Cross zip nation

    My Langlitz Cascade in goatskin. Bought this on impulse in 2015 when visiting their shop. Have worn it maybe 10 times. I always struggle with the "is it too motorcycle or not" question. What are your thoughts? Can I pull this off?
  6. StewartU

    Old gas stations

    This old Gulf station in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Very Art Deco.
  7. StewartU

    Navy Peacoat 44L

    Bump and price drop. $75. Shipped conus.
  8. StewartU

    Navy Peacoat 44L

    Bump and price drop. $80
  9. StewartU

    Navy Peacoat 44L

    Beautiful DSCP US Navy peacoat. Pure wool, classic styling. Size 44L. $85 shipped conus. P2P - 22-1/2” Shoulders - 20” Back length - 32” from bottom of collar Sleeves - 26” from shoulder I wear 43L sports coat and 35” shirt sleeves. I am 6’1” and 200 pounds. Add’l pics and/or...
  10. StewartU

    Should Men Wear Bracelets ?

    I wear these two full time.
  11. StewartU

    WTB - Looking for Bootlegger or 30's Half Belt ~42/44L

    I'm in the market for either an Aero bootlegger or 30's Half Belt (an Alexanders Detroit of the right size would suffice). Brown or Cordovan in color Pit to Pit - 23 Back - 27 Shoulder - 20 Sleeve - 26-27
  12. StewartU

    Old Avirex - Questions

    In reading, I see that the Avirex A-2's are not really of too much interest in the forum. I picked one up off of craigslist a week or two ago for $25 and was hoping to get some info. For 25 bucks, I'm pretty satisfied. It is the Stars and Stripes Forever model without any date or place of...
  13. StewartU

    What do you use to shave?

    Here is what i have been using lately.
  14. StewartU

    Bush Jackets

    Who makes this example?
  15. StewartU

    Bush Jackets

    Discontinued? There website seems to have both an old model and a new one, both on sale.
  16. StewartU

    Bush Jackets

    Anybody seen this? http://www.kevinscatalog.com/New-and-Improved-Kevins-Safari-and-Travel-Jacket/productinfo/17%2D0808/
  17. StewartU

    Gentlemen, show us what you've made!

    What EvaDress pattern number did you use? Nick, impressive work and a lovely finished product. What EvaDress pattern did you use? was it the 4477? Thanks, Stewart

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