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  1. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Schott Suede Perfecto collab with Stag Provisions Size M. $400

    $400, buyer pays shipping. CONUS only. I bought this jacket last year while I was experimenting with some different styles/colors of leather jackets. I am selling it because I've only worn this jacket once since then and it's just been sitting in the closet while I wear my other jackets. I...
  2. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Avirex Bomber Jacket WW2 Size M

    $200 Shipped CONUS only. I have a vintage leather jacket from Avirex however I don't know too much about it. I found it in a vintage store and bought it on a whim. Maybe one of you out there has been dreaming of cosplaying an old time pilot from the past century? It's a nice dark brown color...
  3. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Taylor Stitch The Seca Leather Jacket size 40

    $600 Shipped CONUS only. I have a beautiful Espresso colored leather jacket with an interesting style made in San Francisco California by Golden Bear. Sold by Taylor Stitch I got this back in April or May and it's been minimally worn so you'll still have a like new leather jacket. Due to me...

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