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  1. Zaphod

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hello All... I've got several ivy caps from Hanna Hats in Tweed and one in Linen. I was planning to wear the linen hat in warmer weather here in Eastern Canada. It works well for Spring/Fall weather, but it's too hot for Summer (15+ Degree) weather. can anyone suggest a good summer ivy cap? I've...
  2. Zaphod

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Hi All... last fall I bought a lovely Patchwork tweed cap from Hanna Hats. I really enjoyed wearing it during the fall, during warmer days in winter and this spring. I was wondering how their linen caps would be during the warmer summer months, or how a linen cap in general would be during the...
  3. Zaphod

    The Cap Faction

    Hey everyone.... Found a recent acquisition at a local Thrift store. No label so I'm not sure of the size or materials, but it fits my 7 3/4 a bit snuggly. I assume it's a wool/polyester blend and has a silk lining. Here are some pics. Only a few bucks, so I couldn't resist :)
  4. Zaphod

    The Cap Faction

    Thanks Daniel Jones... Yeah, I've only heard good things about Henri Henri. Figured it would be a good place to start. Most people I've asked have said goto a hat store (or even a department store's hat section) and try different sizes and styles on to see what I like. I'll keep ya'll up to date...
  5. Zaphod

    The Cap Faction

    I've looked on their website, but didn't really find anything that really interested me. Maybe they have more instore.
  6. Zaphod

    The Cap Faction

    Hi everyone... Just starting to get into hats. I'm looking to buy a flat cap. I was wondering if it was better to goto a store directly or buy one online. I've measured my head so I know my size, but this would be the first cap/hat I've bought. Also I live in Montreal, Quebec. Does anyone have...

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