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  1. Seth Byrnes

    FS: Handmade Engineer Boots - $375 - Sz 11

    These are up for sale because I picked up a size too large. They are beautiful handmade reproductions emulating those from the 1950s $SOLD Sole: 12.25" Width 4.5" Shaft Height: 11" Shaft Circumference 14" Check out photos of Dean and Brando wearing similar boots :cool:
  2. Seth Byrnes

    For Sale: 40s/50s European motorcycle wrap jacket

    For Sale: 40s/50s European motorcycle jacket. Size M. Asking $250 and the ride. Has extremely beautiful patina and the leather is in amazing shape. Huge interior pockets, beautiful collar stitching. Measurements (inches): Shoulders 21 Arm 24.5 Chest 23 Waist 20 Length 29 Bought this with the...
  3. Seth Byrnes

    Small Peacoat - $75 + Shipping

    Selling a small size USN Peacoat! Size 38R. In great shape with an unwashed QM tag, one very small nip in the back (see pencil). Asking $75 and shipping. Sorry for the thread title, I hit "enter" before I was done and it unexpectedly posted.
  4. Seth Byrnes

    Beautiful Caramel Half-Belt - 36 Slim - $199

    Up for sale is this repro caramel half-belt. Asking $199 Shipped Original TALON two-way zip, cast brass buckles. Shoulders - 17.5 Arms - 23.5 Chest - 20" Length - 24"
  5. Seth Byrnes

    Horsehide Leather Jerkin - 1945, British

    Asking $199 USD + Shipping O.B.O Great shape throughout, has evidently been cared for. Has a beautiful intact label dated 1945 and has a nice War Department stamp in the armpit reinforcement. Made by Waring & Gillow of London. Measures 22" Across chest, 82 inches from nape to front bottom point.
  6. Seth Byrnes

    Ladies Half-Belt - $99 + Shipping

    Selling this brand new Ladies' half-belt jacket, the result of a little experiment. $99 USD + Shipping Measurements: 18" Pit-to-pit 17" Shoulder to Shoulder 25" Cuff to Shoulder Seam 26" Bottom of Collar to Hem 17" across the waist 18.5" across the hips
  7. Seth Byrnes

    Work gloves?

    Hello friends, Have any of you found any work gloves that were in keeping with your vintage wardrobe? These past couple years I have used these Swedish military surplus gloves and they are coming up on the end of their service life. I wouldn't want to use these again - they had a cavernous...
  8. Seth Byrnes

    What garment I make out of a destroyed WII US NAVY blanket?

    Hey all, I picked up a WWII era US navy blanket in two halves. Apparently the previous owner cut it because the center was badly damaged and their intent was to put a seam right up the middle but they never got to it. My question is - what sort of garment (or bag) would be a good use of the...
  9. Seth Byrnes

    What does your storage look like?

    Hello everyone, We all love vintage and most of us have multiple pieces that we love. I am in dire need of organization, and I think there are likely to be more than one of us in a similar boat. I am moving house soon, and so I see an opportunity to reorganize everything. Let's share photos...
  10. Seth Byrnes

    Can someone measure their size 38 / 36 Half belt jackets for me?

    Hello folks, I am working on a custom leather jacket and I need some help communicating with the maker. We are talking about final measurements for the jacket and for my own frame of reference, I would like to know what the measurements are on original jackets. I am between sizes 36 and 38, so...
  11. Seth Byrnes

    WTB: HalfBelt Jacket Size 38

    Looking to buy a half-belt jacket to fit a size 38 chest. Thanks in advance!
  12. Seth Byrnes

    Military Wool Trousers & Shirts - $30 apiece Sizes 29-31

    Wardrobe clearout! ALL $30 PLUS SHIPPING. 1966 dated British Service Dress trousers, fits like 30x30. Has a small snag at the left knee, needs a button on rear belt loop. Has adjustment tabs at the hip and reinforcement at the heel. Tailor-made khakis, 1966 dated as well, fits like...
  13. Seth Byrnes

    Wool Felt Hats & A Waxed Canvas hat - 6 7/8, 7 & 7 1/8 - $35 ea

    All prices are less shipping. Up first - a vintage waxed canvas work cap. Made of what feels like 8 oz twill, waxed. Size 7 1/8 - $35. Next up - a black handmade wool felt hat size 6 7/8. also $35 And lastly a simple hat for outdoor work, size 7, also $35. I think of it as the 'Earle...
  14. Seth Byrnes

    Genuine USN Peacoat - Sz 38 - 1973 Dated -$75

    Selling a small size USN Peacoat! In great shape with an unwashed QM tag, one very small nip in the back (see pencil). Asking $75 and shipping.
  15. Seth Byrnes

    Extremely Well-Appointed Shoes - sz 9

    Hello Folks, I have a pair of killer Varese points for sale today. Asking 99 and shipping. I am a size 10 and hoped they would fit, but alas. They measure 12” long from heel to point and 4” wide, but the last is quite narrow and the taper aggressive, making them suitable for someone with...
  16. Seth Byrnes

    WTB: Repro M41 & Tank Jacket Circa size 38

    Looking to buy a solid Tanker jacket and M1941 Field Jacket in a size 38 (or as near as possible). At The Front has my eye at present, I don't want to rule others out. Must be cotton lining or wool, polyester need not apply.
  17. Seth Byrnes

    What do you do when your shoe tree breaks inside the shoe?

    I received a great pair of Mle 47 French army boots which I haven’t been able to try on (at least not the right boot) because when I went to remove the shoe trees inside, the wood lip that serves as the “handle” cracked off. Uhoh! Now I have a 50+ year old boot in nice shape with a sharp piece...
  18. Seth Byrnes

    What is your favorite M1941 reproduction?

    Hello Folks, For those of you who own one, which M41 reproduction did you go with and how do you feel about it? I owned a 2015 ATF reproduction and I was actually not fond of it. I am looking out for a new one.
  19. Seth Byrnes

    Cant get a bead on this nautical jacket...

    I picked this jacket up from a thrift store in town that frequently received US Navy items and other similar things. It has a definitely nautical aura and bears a lot of the hallmarks of a garment constructed for a hard life, but im unable to find much information on it. The snaps are all...
  20. Seth Byrnes

    Size 44 SCHOTT G-1 67M Flight Jacket / Bomber

    Shoulders - 21'' Chest - 22 Arms - 26'' Shoulder to end of cuff Length - 23'' ( Bottom of collar to hem @ the back) Near perfect shape, just a couple small holes in the liner (smaller than a dime) and a new pull tab would be more comfortable on the zipper (but it works perfectly) More pics...

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