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  1. bond

    Vintage Mallory resto mod

    I came across this lovely vintage Mallory as a moth bitten divots (exterior) homburg and did a flip flop on the felt as it is super nice and thick enough felt to work. Ended up with a 2 1/4 Brim with a wide black binding . Crown ribbon is original. And wind cord. Of course a new sweatband cut to...
  2. bond

    Vintage BMW motorcycle barn find!

    Here’s some pics of a recent bmw barn find about 45 minutes from my home. Owners name is Glen and his business is called thoroughbred motorcycles. The R90 is my Xmas present to myself! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bond

    Restoration of vintage 1940s Goatskin jacket

    I Finally feel like I achieved a more malleable result after stripping this jacket over a year ago or more . After deglazing exterior shellac finish about 3-4 times going over every inch of the jacket with as many oz of deglazier and elbow grease I was able to remove most of the red color that...
  4. bond

    Stetson imperial mode edge resto-mod

    Found the before pic and added. This was a small 1” ribbon type , which I replaced with this vintage 1 1/2 grosgrain. Also added windcord . Has nicks and bites but they were not bad or deep so I put a little work to them to blend with the overall vibe of the hat. Liner and sweat are solid and...
  5. bond

    Never thought I’d see this happen...

    This is a hat I made in my early years and a good customer of mine recently sent it to me to restore since it was a very well worn hat with significant patina(dirt,stains,fading) . Friend that sent it lives in Texas so I understand the fading. Surprised to see this hat of mine it was kind of a...
  6. bond

    Vintage Stetson 3x beaver fedora hat body 7 1/4-3/8

    Anyone interested in wanting this vintage Stetson customized shoot me a pm . It is ready for a sweat and some ribbons to finish it to your preference. Size blocked #51 7 3/8 Has approximately a 5 1/2 op crown and a 2 3/4 + brim. Asking 99. For body as is Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. bond

    Repairing a torn brim on a fedora.

    A fellow lounger and good friend here recently sent me a mid century Borsalino fedora w a 2 3/4 brim but with a 1/2 cut in front of the hats brim edge . He asked me to cut the brim down and add a wide binding. My thought was I wanted to save as much as I could of the 2 3/4 brim so I decided to...
  8. bond

    Vintage 1960s Stetson 7 1/2

    Vintage Stetson that I reworked from a typical 3x beaver felt and converted it into a more traditional looking fedora with a wider crown ribbon and brim binding. Measures 23 3/8. Brim is 2 3/4. Blocked on a 6” op crown block. Embroidered liner New leather sweatband Clean and ready to wear...
  9. bond

    Vintage 1940s Goatskin leather half belt wool lining. Brown

    Very clean vintage goat hide leather button front half belt. Wool lining is excellent . Leather is excellent . All buttons function . Wrist closure buttons. Slash pockets at waist. Hand warner pockets at chest. Interior chest pocket. Shoulders approx 20” Pit to pit 23 Neck to hem 30 Shoulder to...
  10. bond

    Vintage 1950s Stetson 3 X 7 1/4 (Customized Option)

    Have this mint Stetson wide brim 3X available to customize to your tastes. Choice of binding and crown ribbons if needed. Ribbons in pic are for example only. These hats are like a blank canvas for creating one of a kind quality made custom vintage hat. Asking 195.00 Plus shipping Sent from...
  11. bond

    Vintage 1950s Stetson 3X 7 1/2 (23 3/8)

    Vintage Stetson I restored w new vented sweat , ribbon, silk liner. Brim is 3 1/4. Color is Dove Grey fur felt, excellent quality. Worn a few times Asking 149.95 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. bond

    Vintage 1950s Stetson 3X 7 1/4 (customize) 249.95

    Have this very nice Stetson 3X in 7 1/4 that would make for a great custom hat if interested. Open crown is 6". Brim is 3 1/2. For this price I will add: Brim trim if needed, brim binding, crown ribbon and custom silk liner. Have a good selection of vintage ribbons to choose from. Fur felt is...
  13. bond

    Montecristi Panama hat 59cm 249.00

    Have a unfinished Montecristi body to customize to your desire. Brim is 2 1/2 with a nicely back woven edge. Very fine Weave throughout the hat. Virtually unworn . Was going to put in a natural sweat at 59cm but could go down in size if needed. Have good supply of vintage ribbon widths and...
  14. bond

    Vintage 1950s Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine w case Excellent 295.00

    Nice one owner Pfaff 130 Dial a matic sewing machine w/case. Freshly oiled and cleaned. Tested only straight and zig zag stitches . Comes with a few bobbins and presser feet plus instruction booklet . Motor is 1.3 amp and runs smoothly. Has fresh led light bulb . Slide plate functions. Bobbin...
  15. bond

    Vintage 1940-50s Adam DeLuxe Whippet Like Fedora 7 3/8 Mint

    Very nice mint Adam DeLuxe in 7 3/8 Brim is about 2 5/8 Pleated bow Brown felt w brown ribbons and wind cord. A Stunning hat . Solid hat through out Asking 275. plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. bond

    Vintage 1950s Borsalino Alessandria Fedora 7 1/2

    Beautiful Light Sage Borsalino in excellent condition. Has a new sheepskin leather sweatband cut to 60cm Ribbons are Silk and are in a khaki color Liner is Silk Fur felt is excellent quality and you can shape how you like. Brim is 2 1/2 225. Plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. bond

    Mint vintage Stetson 3x big brim w box 7 1/4

    Have this big brim 7 1/4 in mint condition for possible conversion or customize to your specs , like a blank canvas to create or keep as is. Felt is super nice and pliable on crown and stiffer brim that will work up nicely with steam. Perfect hat to up size to a 3/8 or a 1/2 and still have...
  18. bond

    Vintage redwing ankle boots 11D - Reconditioned w /New soles

    Have an awesome pair of red wing beckman boots here in 11D w/ great patina. Nicely broken in. I had new leather midsole and vibram soles put on. Leather has been conditioned and there are new laces too. All they need is a new owner. Asking 175.00 Plus shipping 195. plus shipping Sent from my...
  19. bond

    3/8 Silver belly grosgrain wanted

    Looking for any vintage new or used 3/8 silver belly (Light color tones) grosgrain any amount so I can finish some hats. Prefer cotton/rayon or silk blends. Thanks Pm if you have any to sell Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. bond

    Custom made Vintage inspiredFedora 7 1/2

    This one was a request by a customer and inspired by Johnny Depps grey Fedora that he famously wears with the hole in pinch. Customer wanted the hole but that's where I said no way so here the hat is now for sale. It's rabbit staple fur felt with vintage grosgrain ribbons and wind cord, vented...

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